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kathyw124, November 15,  2020  4:24am EST

Atriums worn out? aFib all the time?

Does anyone else have "worn out atriums"? I have been told by a nurse that I must have had aFib for a long time for my atriums to be worn out. I know I've been dealing with the same issues I have now, for the past 30 years. I wasn't diagnosed with aFib back then. Just that I had an extra heartbeat but it was not life threatening. When I felt, what I now know as aFib, beating irregular I took it upon myself to take in a deep breath, hold it as long as I could and let it out slowly. My heart felt back to normal and not pumping out of my chest wall. I finally. I finally again tell my doctor that I'm still doing this with the breathing method. She said, "let me listen to your heart". She right away says "oh my! you have aFib." 

Now I'm told that I won't be able to have an ablation because it won't hold and will go back to the aFib right away, within a few days. 

My question with asking if anyone else has worn out atriums is due to me wanting to find out when did you find out that you had this issue. Did you know you had another issue with the heart first THEN have ended up with worn out atriums? These days it feels like there is a heavy bowling ball on my chest. I was told by a nurse that called from my doctors office to go into ER right away. They did an ECG on me and blood work and chest xray. All are fine for now. I was sent home. Yay! Just wanted to know if anyone else has ways to get through these hard episodes with just doing the medicines. 

Thanks for listening. I visualize great health for you all. 

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  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, November 16,  2020  7:47am EST

    Kathyw124, what an interesting description!  My first question is, are you seeing an electrophysiologist (EP)?  He/she would be a cardiologist who specializes in treating AFib and should be the best one to analyze your condition and suggest options.  Your condition may have some parallels with my own.   I had AFib for about 10 years, with no worrying symptoms, until I got to an EP and found my heart was in terrible shape!  I also had shortness of breath (SOB) and had gotten so tired all the time that I was afraid I would end my life just napping.  I did have 3 ablations -- they were not difficult procedures, but they also did not get me back into NSR.  I went to the Cleveland Clinic for a second opinion.  It was a great experience,but they did not have anything to offer for my condition.  So, five years ago, I had a special procedure done at Guthrie Clinic in Sayre, PA, not far from where I live.  It is called AVNA +PDHBP (Atrial Valve Nodal Ablation +Pacemaker Dependent His Bundle Pacing).  My atria are no longer connected to my ventricles, which are paced synchrononously  with my rhythm-control pacemaker.  My atria are still fibrillating and are greatly enlarged (this may be what your doctor called "worn out"), but they no longer affect my heart beat.  It made a wonderful change in my condition, as my energy level went back up, and if I exercise and drink enough water, my SOB does not bother me.  I am in permanent AFib and I will always be taking coumadin.  

    Treatments for AFib are a rapidly developing field, and it's important to find an EP who is up-to-date on what can be done.  I hope you will see an EP and continue to educate yourself.  The just-ended virtual conference, "Get In Rhythm, Stay In Rhythm,"  (organized by Mellanie True Hills, from StopAfib.org) is a good way of doing this -- if you can view the tapes of the conference (when they are available) and maybe see tapes from the previous conferences, you will find it a good thing!   Please keep us posted, as to how things are going.

    Thumper2 (Judy)

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