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AHAASAKatie, March 23,  2020  3:12pm EST
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Anxiety, Activity and AFib

Hi, MAE community. 

I spent a lot on the Support Network side of the community talking to members about COVID19 and their anxiety over the weekend. And after reading through the posts here, I wanted to open the same discussion here. I hope you feel comfortable sharing what is up with you. 

What we are experiencing right now is hard and anxiety-ridden, I think. My children and I have talked about how we are living history and how surreal this situation is.

My biggest issue is anxiety energy. I am a high energy person, Willow (see photo), and I walk almost daily on the beach where I live. When the beach closed last Thursday, I was seriously concerned about how I was going to manage all of the stressors in my life, not just COVID19. 

Since I can't hit the beach or practice yoga with my friends, I set up a little workout area on the patio outside my bedroom. Each night I light a candle and practice yoga after dark for about an hour. It has helped me a lot. The cats come over to say hi at some point and give my face a sniff. Typically during downward-facing dog or another inopportune moment. 

My neighbors might think I am crazy, but that is ok, :).  

I am wondering how many of you are regular exercisers or gym people? Is your gym still open or has it closed? In Florida, due to the heat, malls open early for walkers to get exercise in the A/C. However, all the gyms in Jacksonville are closed now, so many people lost that outlet as well. 

Do you have a personal routine that you can do at home? If you don't and you need them, here are some of the AHA's simple tips for fitness activities that almost anyone can do. Choose the ones that work for your circumstances and comfort level.

Fitness fans whose gym has closed can create a tremendous at-home circuit workout. Feel the Burn. Of course, a quick call to your HPC before you try and "feel the burn" is a crucial action to take. 

I am curious to know what you all are doing to stay active or burn off anxiety energy? 

Thanks, Katie 

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  • BethClark
    BethClark, March 24,  2020  9:39am EST

    In California we've been on shelter-in-place for a week now. We're allowed to go outside for walks, bike rides, and similar as long as we observe social distancing. (I just saw on the news that people have been abusing this, however so it might change. The beaches and parks were very busy over the weekend to the point where the parking lots of the state parks and beaches were packed. They are now being closed. What is wrong with people!) All gyms and fitness activities have been closed for a week. But instructors are getting creative. My son's yoga teacher has posted some yoga videos on her website and has set up some sort of class via the computer that enables her to to conduct an interactive class. I've been hearing about something called Zoom that can be used for that purpose. I'm used to going to Zumba class three days a week. Zumba helps with all those aches and pains and is a great stress reliever for me so it feels like I've lost being able to do the one thing that I've been doing just for myself. Yesterday I brought up a Zumba video video on YouTube and did Zumba here at home. I'm going to try to do that video each day. It's not the same as being at my class, with all my friends there. And I know that I it's unlikely that I'll stick to it for an hour like I do in class. But it's a start. My daughter has been a fitness addict, sometimes going to the gym and other fitness classes a couple of times a day so the stay-at-home has completely disrupted her routine. She is now going out running, keeping a wide berth around others she encounters. She has also ordered some weights so she can continue weight lifting. I'm thinking that today's technology is going to be helpful to keep some physical activities going and the social benefits we've been enjoying as part of that. We just need to be open to learning more about how to use that technology.  

  • Larkspur
    Larkspur, March 24,  2020  11:52am EST

    Thanks for the topic, Katie. I used to go to a Pilates studio for classes but they have now switched to Zoom which works very well. They are also making the class is free which is a very generous gesture. With Zoom we turn on our computer or tablet cameras and the teacher has a camera on her, so we can all see each other and she can correct us. This works best for small classes and a friend of mine is doing her yoga class this way too. Technology is a big help in this situation.

  • Eve84
    Eve84, March 24,  2020  2:50pm EST

    Hiiiiiiii, Katie!

    Great post!

    I definitely felt anxious after "shelter in place" was enforced. 

    I believe everything is energy. 

    You're not alone. In reaction to everything going on, the whole world is feeling anxious, scared, bored, etc. - and so this mass, nervous energy permeates throughout!

    To stay active, I workout with weights and resistance bands I have at home 4-5x a week, and try to take daily walks around my neighborhood.

    I also put on tunes while I clean, and dance around the house - I'm sure my neighbors don't mind. 

    Lastly, I try to keep myself occupied with writing, books, or themed podcasts so I'm not venturing into the kitchen every 2-3hrs xD

    To help with anxiety, there are guided meditations for anxiety available on YouTube that you can try. Or talking with a loved one or friend about it.

    Hope this makes you feel a bit less anxious!

    We'll get through this!

    Take care!



    With gratitude,


  • JudyKol
    JudyKol, March 26,  2020  7:12am EST


    I am in Montreal and all malls and gyms etc are closed. You are not allowed to be more then two people at one time outside and you must be 6 feet apart. I have a home routine that inlcudes exercises that require no weights or equioment, sent to me by my trainer. Incudes, chair dips, planks, squats, wall sits, etc and core exercises. I do it every day. I also practice guided meditations. And to keep my mind active I am learning a language online.

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, March 26,  2020  9:18am EST

    Good morning JudyKol, sounds like you are doing the best you can! I am jealous of your ability to meditate. I am an experienced yogi and get a great deal of serenity from my practice, but I can not sit still and settle into meditation for the life of me. Sometimes I think my meditation forms in the rhythm of the movement itself. 

    Thank you so for sharing this with us! Best Katie

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