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PeposD, May 13,  2020  11:58am EST


My husband is to start amiodorone load today and be on it before a second cardioverion and a strees test.This was presribed bt a second well known EP but we are terrified of this drug and the side effects. I am the wife and trying to be positive but find myself in tears and fearful. It seems lije this is an important step in figuring out what his heart will do before making a choice on the next steps.I have heard  some say no problems but others have bad stories.How do I calm down??/

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  • Shanfraz
    Shanfraz, May 13,  2020  2:01pm EST

    Hi,  just to quickly reply to calm your nerves. My mom was also on it for awh8le and I was not happy but she was ok.  She’s now off it.  Another  friend is on it and she says no Robles, taking 100 mags a day.  She seems to be on it consistently. Monitor him closely and if you see something, don’t wait call the doctor. 

    Im not knowledgeable about this drug at all but just to give you a quick support reply.  Wait others more knowledgeable will post.  Stay calm that’s most important   Prayers for you, carol

  • Gene157
    Gene157, May 14,  2020  1:03pm EST

    It all depends on the dosage and for how long. If it is for a test not to worry. Search AMIODARON on this website. It looks like the fear is overdone especially if the maintenance dose is 200 mg or a 100mg. and proper monitoring. It is still the best available to do the cardioversion.


    Good luck



  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, May 14,  2020  7:18pm EST

    When I was struggling with uncontrolled, unresponsive afib in an emergency room, one of the staff cardiologists and I had a long discussion about it. Late at night and a slow night in the ER. He said he felt it was a pretty successful treatment, but that the side effects scared him. He felt he would take it if he had tried everything else, but not before that. He worried about side effects. We decided to up my dilatazemen(sp) That didn't work, but that's another story. My afib continued unabated for two months only to go back into rhythm in its own and has stayed there for the past two months.

    afib can sure take us in some weird journeys.

  • tolsen53
    tolsen53, May 18,  2020  11:38am EST

    When I was first diagnosed w/AFIB in 2003, I went on amiodorone, stayed on it for sevreal years. Had a negative impact on liver and thyroid function per my recall. My EP tgook me off it, took months to get out of system and get thyroid function back to normal. Have told all my EPs since then I refuse to take it as a steady daily drug. No drugs will auto-convert me if I go into afib, so always get cardio-verted, so have never taked amiodarone again. That said, my understanding is that for a short period of time, suhc as it seems the Dr. is suggesting, highly unlikely hubby would have negative effects from the drug. Most important thing you can do - tell the Dr,. your fears, be clear and honest, and don;t mnove forward until he gives you some clear advice. Good luck to both of you. 

  • Gene157
    Gene157, May 18,  2020  3:14pm EST

    Tolsen 53


    W/O knowing  the dosage and age  it is not possible to assess a medication.




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