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aajacksonsr, December 16,  2019  12:35pm EST

AFib Support Group

Howdy from San Antonio, Texas

My name is Arthur and was diagnosed with paroxsmal AFib about 3 months ago. Just today, I enrolled in My AFibExperience.org so I can be part of a support network. Mainly, Plan to read about other peoples' experiences that I can relate to. We live in a retirement community with different clubs to join but not aware of any support group for those experiencing AFib. If any of you has come up with an AFib support group in your community, would be interested in hearing how you went about establishing one. Thanks!

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  • Joy61
    Joy61, December 16,  2019  12:55pm EST

    Welcome. This forum has been very educational for me. I hope it will be for you as well. 

  • Ballard6449
    Ballard6449, December 19,  2019  9:34pm EST


    i live in the San Antonio area and have had Afib for many years.  This is a great site for learning about the condition, treatments and getting support.



  • Arline3366
    Arline3366, August 19,  2020  1:46pm EST

    Mellanie or Kelly --  Help -- again!!


    Thank you for your past support in helping me to once again access the AFib forum's Daily Digest.


    However, AOL stopped including it in my email, so...I set up an account with gmail and I started getting the Daily Digest again -- on the gmail account.  I have entered the suppport network's url on both sites.


    Now, neither AOL nor gmail is including the Daily Digest in my email listings.  Has my email been dropped from the AFib forum?


    Many thanks --

    Ruth Harris

    rabharris@aol.com or Ruthah1218@gmail.com

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