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depotdoug, February 13,  2020  6:25am EST

AFIB Controllable NOT Curable

Hi AFIB Friends,

AFIB Back in AFIB again!!

Depotdoug has gotten himself in my local hospital ER, now overnight for EP and AFIB consult.  Yes, I did it again, Mellanie, Spencer, last eve thought my chest was going crazy. AFIB it is.. When they interrogated my 13 month old ICD/pacemaker I've been in AFIB for 2 weeks and didn't know it! Oh my. No E.E.C. Exercising today. 
?'s Cardioversion next?  Or blood thinners again? Or heart rhythm meds, Amiodarone, no.   Stay tuned for more hot news. 
No Exercising day for Doug😱😰😥😫😖

  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, February 13,  2020  11:04am EST

    I'm so sorry, Doug. If you're not on blood thinners, they may have you restart them and be on them for 3-4 weeks before attempting a cardioversion. That is because you have been in afib for two weeks already so could have built up a clot. If so, you don't want it to get launched and you end up with a stroke due to being cardioverted. 

    The other option is a TEE (Transesophageal echo) to see if there is a clot; if not, they may feel comfortable going ahead and cardioverting you.


  • Spencer
    Spencer, February 13,  2020  11:20am EST

    Doug – Sorry to hear that you are AFib’ing again. You know you will be put on thinners and probably a beta blocker to her your heart. And no EEC for a while. Do strenuous exercise while in AFib is probably not a good thing. A night in the ER is the pits. I never slept when I was in the ER and slept only marginally better in the ICU. You cannot rest in a hospital, they just aggravate me and any condition that I have. So Doug, be good in the hospital and play nice with the other patients.




  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, February 13,  2020  11:38am EST

    Tough playing nice with RN's Spencer.

    Mellanie: my last cardio version was only allowed after a successful TEE. Fun time with a TEE. Waiting on a designated Cardiologist to be insight next.

    No more 40# water Softner bags today. Maybe Saturday. E.E.C. DOUG on prednisone 10mg per day is dangerous. Need more salt bags to move.  
    Mellanie and ready for Cardioversion #4 today or Friday.   On heparin IV line today. Fun...

    More News coming 


  • macaodha
    macaodha, February 13,  2020  7:09pm EST

    So sorry to hear that, Doug. Hang in there, you've got the grit & the willingness to fight. We're all prayin' & rootin' for ya.


  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, February 13,  2020  7:49pm EST

    Everybody AFIB is real. Proof in my attitude. 
    Supposed to see my EP tonight. Soon ASAP then TEE and Cryoablation for Valentine's Day. 
    I keep an eye peeled for a doctor who resembles an EP man. 
    Thanks everyone for real support...

  • Spencer
    Spencer, February 13,  2020  8:11pm EST

    Best of Luck, Doug.  Be nice to the nurses, they choose how deep they go on the catheter. 

  • Jeanamo815
    Jeanamo815, February 13,  2020  8:50pm EST


    Sorry to hear that you are in a-fib again.  I hope the coming days will "fix" the problem and that you will do well.  Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

    Wishing you the best,


  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, February 20,  2020  1:36pm EST

    Update late breaking news or 6 days ago update:

    Well things went fast and furious last Friday AM with an unannounced cardiac cath lab RN showing up at my caridac telemety room door about 08:50 last Friday. Just like my EP Dr V. told me late last THursday eve(he really showed up) after his meeting presentation @8:30PM, stayed an talked candidly with me and my wife for about 20min. He knew me too way too well, considering my now(09/01/2019) Advanced Prostate Cancer re-Dx'd - told me yes I'm getting a Cardioversion Friday AM preceeded by a TEE(trans esphogeal echocardiogram),

    So, jump on the cart @8:55 Friday AM off to a cath lab, non-stop. Now i had a team of Cardiologist, Anethesiologist, lab tech, pulmonary supervisor(TEE man) and a nurse surrounding me. TEE and cardiovert done in < 15 min. Anethesia included. One shock and done.... Then back to my wonderful cardiac telemetery room by 10:00. Still tethered to my heparin IV drip mobile rack. Time to order lunch finally!!  AFIB free!, lets say NSR and on blood thinners and starving. About 11:00 a wonderful hospitalist internal med Dr showed up seeing if I was ok, or maybe alive. Do you feel my anxiety and angst as I write this? You should have seen me trying to climb the walls of the Telemetry cardiac unit ThursdayFriday morning. My hospitalist lady departs my room into thin air. I'm now in Max Anxiety Mode, still waiting on my lunch and when am i going to be Discharged? 

    The final part of my CardiVersion story is: with lunch in my belly i walked around the cardiac nurses pod stations about (4) four times, I was still tethered to my IV drip mobile rack but did a good job or rounding the nurses stations about four times. Then all of sudden my eyes caught my EP Dr with his EP NP coming into the Telemetry section, he said Hi Doug, How are you doing, I said Super, in NSR. He even did a walk by pulse check on my right wrist. Well I thought I was on my way out of there. Not yet. Nobody would communicate, do their job to interface with Hospitalist, Cardiologist, EP or Charge nurses, or fill in the blanks. At 1:00PM Doug (depotdoug) was on maximum edge in absolute NSR energized mode I went back to the main charger nursing station and stood, talking to the charge RN and then to my Lead RN, when here comes my one rounding cardiologist frm Thursday Eve(05:30PM) along with his RN. I actually stood and talked with an unknown Cardiac RN who actually took my anxious concerns and discharge anger seriously. She, Megan just happened to be a CVOR charge RN. (cardiovascular operating room RN). So finally a charge RN took charge of me and via her cell phone and notebook PC got my discharge authorizations in the sytem.

    Finally I got some relief, I was going home right after a PCA removed my IV line and EKG leads. If you ever want an experience that would put you back in AFIB this would be a prime idea scenario.  Back home @15:00 last Friday and have been exercising twice a day since last Sat. EEC doug is now tired typing. ANd feel great..


  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, February 20,  2020  1:53pm EST

    One more thing. I did call my hospitals' Discharge Instructions envelope hot line tel # Tuesday, and got a 31 min call back. Frustrated E.E.C. NSR persistent Doug got to have all of my inpatient hospital communications disparaging negative disconnects heard. 1st point my on disharge instructions red envelope states Doctors and nurses will communicate well with you. 4th point says: We will meet your expectations for overall excellence. Hopelfully my point is or was well dispersed through all appropriate venues of the hospital cardiac care teams. Oh I'm still on XARELTO 20mg blood thinner for the next 30 days maybe longer. Boy do I feel so much better!


  • Spencer
    Spencer, February 20,  2020  5:07pm EST

    Doug - good that you are out and feeling good.  I know about that anxiety in the ER or in the hospital room, last time they sedated my happy butt when I had a panic attack in the ER.  Ativan was the drug of choice and after a deep muscle shot (butt) everything was good along with groovy colors all around the room.  Communicating with a doc or the hospital after your discharge is very tough and frustrating, to say the least.  I have never been able to reach them once I left the hospital.  Welcome home!  And happy exercising.

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