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MizTerriMom, February 9,  2019  4:07pm EST

A-fib and napping

I am recently out of the hospital after my first episode of AFib. I was able to convert back to normal rhythm with just the medication they provided in the IV. I am to do a sleep study to rule out sleep apnea as I understand that is a possible cause. My problem is I don't sleep well at night and I do nap during the day and I've been reading that that can cause problems as well. Any opinions on this.

  • Rogochef
    Rogochef, February 12,  2019  11:13am EST

    I don't want to beat this horse to death, but I might suggest that CPAP users at least start with the full face mask and then try the nasal pillow which is smaller.  There is a nasal pillow that covers the nose only and a newer one that covers nose and mouth.  I find that the upward pressure against the nose to be to uncomfortable and have pretty much gone back to the full face mask.   The memory foam and the silicon surface seem to work OK, but the tension, for me, needs to be adjusted (tightened) towards the end  of the sleep.  I cannot figure out why, but it does.   I also have a ASV which is not a constant pressure.  Pressure in and out are different and since I have complex apnea, if I do not inhale within a specific time frame, the machine will provide the pressure.   Now, when there is leakage, the pressure increases with further exacerbates the leackage.   I am so thankful to have the machine, and, it works great most all of the time.  Good sleep to all.....

  • Elise
    Elise, February 12,  2019  11:11pm EST

    I still find cpaptalk useful for general information.

    I use nasal pillows and was having terrible leaks with the mask my DME recommended. In theory the DME should let you swap out an unsatisfactory mask. My DME was not cooperative. I got really frustrated dealing with them and decided to go shopping for masks on my own. I restricted my search to masks that the DME carries so I could get replacement parts through them.

    CPAP.com has a huge selection of masks with user ratings, and their masks have free return insurance. I ordered a new mask, tried it out, didn't like it, returned it, and tried again. It took me three tries, but I finally found one that is comfortable and that has almost no leaks. It did mean that I was out the cost of shipping two masks back, and I paid for the mask I chose myself, but it was well worth it to me to get a mask that works. When it was time for a new mask (every 6 months on Medicare) I just told them what mask I wanted and they were fine with that.

    If you're interested, I was using a ResMed Swift FX for Her. Leaky and bad strap marks. I tried a Swift FX Bella. Worse leaks but no strap marks. Tried the AirFit P10 for her. Leaky, too small, sore nostrils, bad strap marks. Tried the Dreamweaver Gel Nasal Pillows. Minimal leaks, no strap marks, the most comfortable mask I've ever had. It cost $109. 

  • mdlagas
    mdlagas, February 13,  2019  8:25am EST

    DkinAA.  I have a dream wear full face mask that allows me to wear my glasses.  It also has the hose connection on top of my head instead of in front of my face which means much fewer problems waking up in the middle of the night with the hose wrapped around my neck (I toss and turn a lot at night).  It took a lot of trial and error to get it to where it stays sealed at night but I much prefer it over the conventional masks.  If you can get one you might try it to see if you like it.

  • TR
    TR, February 16,  2019  4:49pm EST

    It took me 2 years to finally get the right mask that I could wear every night without any problems. I found this sight to be very helpful with advice on the different masks: http://freecpapadvice.com/. On the top right side you click on Mask Reviews and you will get a pretty thorough review on whatever mask you choose. It helped me.


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