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Tmariez, September 15,  2020  11:58am EST

Afib and ablation

Hi!  I'm new to this group.  Hoping *** help me figure out my health.  A year ago, I was diagnosed with Afib and cardiomyopathy.  I'm struggling With how I got to this point.  Is it from stress or do I really have a heart condition.  That is a question I'm figuring out.  I'm generally a healthy person where I exercise, eat well and get about 7 to 8 hours of sleep.  Recently, I have been recommended for an ablation.  I'm not sure of the recommendation and have questions out to my cardiologist.  I'm in my early 40s and wonder if anyone out there is or was in similar boat as me.  Thanks!

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  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, September 16,  2020  9:46am EST

    Tmariez, welcome to the group!  It's not unknown to have AFib at your age, although mostly it comes when one is much older.  As to what causes AFib, almost none of us know!  My husband and I both got AFib in our 70s, and neither of us has any family history of the condition.  From my own situation, I always recommend that a person with AFib see an electrophysiologist (EP) --they are cardiologists who specialize in treating AFib.  As for an ablation, IMHO, the sooner the better!  I had AFib (barely noticeable) for about 8 years before I saw an EP and found that my heart was in terrible condition.  I had ablations and cardioversions, none of which returned me to NSR (normal sinus rhythm).  My EP did a special procedure which has fixed me so far!  Make sure you see an EP who has done hundreds of successful ablations.   I do hope that you are taking a "blood thinner" -- in general, one does not die from AFib but from a stroke that may go with it.    I hope that others here will respond to your situation.  In any case, keep us posted!

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • TR
    TR, September 16,  2020  10:08am EST


    The decision to have or not to have an ablation is mostly a quality of life decision. AFIB is a progressive disease, which generally only gets worse. Judy gave you some good advice about getting an ablation. If you are in your forties, I can't imagine not getting an ablation, although if you are not symptomatic, I could understand a reluctance to do it.I've had two ablations. The second was successful and I have now had my normal life restored for three years after dealing with AFIB for two years. I wanted to get rid of it so bad I would have done ANYTHING to put it in my rear view mirror. It's possible drugs might make your AFIB tolerable, but they usually become less ans less effective with time. Ablations are a safe procedure and even though it might take more than one, they are nothing to fear, and they might just give you your old life back. I would guess that's what everyone is really looking for. To me, there is no choice, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Best of luck.


  • Tmariez
    Tmariez, September 16,  2020  11:36am EST

    Thank you!  I did see a specialist who does ablation and he recommended it.   After reading a lot of the forum or survivor stories, and talking to my nurse, I'm leaning towards the procedure.  I will get more of my questions answered tomorrow by my cardiologist.  And I am on a blood thinner.  Thank you for your comments!

  • cmower
    cmower, September 16,  2020  6:13pm EST

    Hi Tmariez I am in the same boat as you I was  diagnosed about  a year and a half ago with paroxamal afib  i am a young 56 and excercise ,eat right and I think im in

    pretty good shape I have tried everthing I think mine is caused by stress I run my owne bussness and its very stressful I have been on elaquis and dieazem the last year i have 2-3 epasodes a month When I go into afib I take a ice cold shower and it usally works but I freeve my *** off LOL I have an ablation schudled for November and very nervous about it but I cant take much more of this 

  • Tmariez
    Tmariez, September 18,  2020  10:14am EST

    Hi cower!  Thank you for responding.  Good luck with the procedure.  I never thought about taking a cold shower but I have a cold compress.  Mine health issue started a year ago when I bought a house and my boyfriend and his dog and two cats moved in.  Plus, having his 13 year old son on wknds.  My stress was definitely amped up.  I've done everything I could suck as yoga, meditation, therapy, reading a book, exercising and eating more low sodium.  This week, I believe I was in AFib and it was really annoying because it was hard to do basic stuff.  So I'm leaning towards the procedure myself after talking to my cardiologist's nurse.  Again, good luck.  Please keep me posted.

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