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Ohana, April 22,  2021  8:27am EST


I just went thru wearing a monitor for 30 days. Results show I went into afib 255 times over that period. I was told to make appointment with EP doctor and have to wait 2 weeks for appointment. Any idea what next steps might be. They won't discuss until appointment. On met... 25 mg.  I'm upset I have to wait that long.

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, April 22,  2021  9:03am EST

    Hello there, 

    Thank you for sharing your story with the MyAFibExperience community. I'm sorry to hear that you're going through this and have to wait so long to hear from your doctor. I hope you find a sense of community and support here as well as some advice and next steps from others. As you hear from others on the forum, I can also share some AFib resources to help you learn more. Please keep us updated on how you're doing, we're rooting for you!


    The AHA Team

  • Ohana
    Ohana, April 22,  2021  2:36pm EST

    Thank you! You are showing me more support than my doctor.

  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, April 23,  2021  8:06am EST

    Ohana, sorry to hear you've joined those of us with AFib!  But you're off to a good start, in that you know you have it ,and you have an appointment with an electrophysiologist (EP) -- they are cardiologists whose specialty is treating AFib.  While you are waiting for your appointment, it could be a good opportunity for self-education on AFib.  As you do so, make a list of questions you want to ask the EP during your appointment.  (Feel free to ask some of them here, too.)  The resources mentioned by the AHA Moderator are a good source.   I also recommend the site at    StopAfib.org, as well as the cardiology sites for the Cleveland Clinic, the Mayo Clinic (and others!).  It can be somewhat overwhelming, but you'll see that AFib and its treatment take many forms.  Your EP can help you sort out which form you have and ways to deal with it.   I hope you have begun taking a "blood thinner," since the possibility of stroke, because of the AFib, is often its biggest threat.   Keep us posted!

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • Ohana
    Ohana, April 23,  2021  9:47am EST

    Thank you. I will check out the site you mentioned. EP took me off blood thinner as I was rated '1' for risk ...being female gave me the 1.  Good or bad being off, I don't know....

  • Canada
    Canada, April 23,  2021  11:16am EST

    Hello Ohana,

    It can be very disconcerting to know how much Afib we are having and then having to wait to get help.  I had to wait many months to see an EP and my CHADS score for stroke risk is 2.  However, I was seeing a cardiologist who was supportive as I struggled with severe symptoms and shortness of breath.  I wore a monitor several times but never for a month so I don't know how many episodes I would have had, but I was told I was having more than I realized.  I don't have a Kardia but I do have a FitBit and a pulse oximeter and for me, who struggles somewhat with anxiety, it is better not to monitor too closely.  It's better to focus on other things and carry on wisely.


  • Larkspur
    Larkspur, April 23,  2021  12:51pm EST

    Hi Ohana,

    It is great that you will be seeing an EP and while it is uncomfortable to wait two weeks before the appointment I wish I had had that time to educate myself as Thumper2 suggested. Then you can go into the appointment with an idea of the typical treatment options and will have had time to think about them and read about other people's experiences. If you go in "cold" you may be presented with a confusing array of options that are new to you. A good EP will treat you as an individual and work with you to find a plan that both works and that you are comfortable with. The main thing to know now is that AFib is very treatable. Most of us here are on stable protocols that have greatly reduced or eliminated our episodes. Good luck and know that you are in good company.

  • Ohana
    Ohana, April 23,  2021  2:53pm EST

    Thank you everyone. I will review the sites suggested and educate myself on what to do next. 

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