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Canada, May 3,  2021  11:17am EST

Ablation and headaches

I am a month out from my ablation and I am doing well, however I still have daily headaches.  I know migraines are common but these are mild (thankfully) and I am not prone to headaches at all.  My report notes a "difficult septal puncture." Might this have something to do with these headaches? I'm not one to take pain relief medication, but I am considering it. I get relief at night but they don't seem to be getting less frequent during the day.  Any other cause?


5 Replies
  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, May 3,  2021  4:50pm EST

    Hello there! 

    Thank you for reaching out to the MyAFibExperience community and sharing your story. We are glad you are here! I encourage you to interact with others in this community and hear from them as they share support and advice. As you wait for others to respond, I can share this resource with you on AFib Medications and their side effects (including headaches). I urge you to consult with your doctor if these daily headaches persist, as it could be the result of something more serious. 

    Please keep us updated on how things progress.


    AHA Moderator

  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, May 4,  2021  8:20am EST

    Canada, I"m very glad to hear you have gotten your ablation.  As for the daily headaches, that does seem worrisome, not to mention annoying.  Personally,, I never had anything like that after my ablation(s).  I hope you will keep after your EP as to the source of the headaches, especially since you have not been prone to headaches at all.  If you receive no useful advice, see if you can get a "second opinion," from another EP (who might be able to comment on what a "difficult septal puncture" is, and whether or not a second ablation might be of help, etc.).  Are you experiencing NSR (normal sinus rhythm)?   Keep us posted!

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • Canada
    Canada, May 4,  2021  11:58am EST

    I appreciate your replies.  I am so glad I had my ablation!  Other than some ectopics and often a HR over 100, I am in NSR.  My BP is normal.

    Yesterday I reported the headaches to my AF clinic.  The pharmacist there said he wasn't able to comment on the septal puncture and did not suggest I contact my EP but rather my family doctor.  So I plan to do that.  I will keep you posted.  


  • Larkspur
    Larkspur, May 5,  2021  1:00pm EST

    Hi Canada,

    After a septal puncture it it's not unusual to have "aura" migraines --the light show--but I haven't heard of many who had the actual headache as well. I had auras every day at first and they became further spaced as time passed. I had a large septal puncture to pass a MitraClip through (a MitraClip is one of the largest things they pass through the septum). Hopefully yours will pass too. Nearly 2 years later, an echo showed a tiny, tiny, puncture still, but my EP assures me that it will heal.

  • Krisdewis
    Krisdewis, May 10,  2021  8:59pm EST

    Hi as I think I saw somewhere in the comments daily headaches can be a sign of something mor serious so I'd have it checked out. Good luck! KDR

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