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TR, June 10,  2020  10:14am EST

A short 3 min. video on ablations

Anyone considering an ablation, here's a short video about the procedure.


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  • Jt101
    Jt101, June 25,  2020  10:46am EST

    Good video.   Not all ablations are through the groin ?   He says standard is 1night stay.  I am hearing of this as an outpatient ?   Considering ablation...  looking for experiences.   

  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, June 26,  2020  8:12am EST

    Jt101, if you are"looking for experiences" regarding ablations, one option is to go to the top of this page, where it says, "Search," and type in ""ablations."  This gave me 184 pages on this topic, and shows about 10 comments (at a time).  Clicking on  any of them will give you the context of that discussion.  (This is probably more than you want to know!)  

    Keep us posted!     --Thumper2 (Judy)

  • TR
    TR, June 26,  2020  4:25pm EST


    Here' a link I've posted several times that has good info for anyone considering an ablation. It's so important to get the right EP to do the job. EP's are like baseball players. Some are in the minors, some in the majors batting 200, some batting 300, and some all stars batting 350. My first ablation was not successful, and when my EP started talking about a touch up for the second, I left that office knowing he was not the one I wanted for the second. It was inconvenient, but I traveled to Texas from Florida to see an all star, and now I've been AFIB free for over two and a half years and I have my life back. I'd highly recommend an ablation if your quality of life with AFIB is affected to a great extent. You can only decide that. I would have done anything to get rid of AFIB, and there was no hesitation in the decision, and no regrets now. Read this information about ablations. It has some good advice.


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