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TomA3439, February 2,  2019  11:19pm EST

A Fib with loop recorder and Kardia

I was diagnosed with parioximal A Fib about 1 1/2 years ago. A loop recorder was installed at that time. I discovered it was not working due to poor cell phone reception. My cardiologist never knew. Eventually Medronics sent a tech to the clinic and I would go in and have it read once a month. I would ask and he would print a summary report for me. The last I saw I was in A Fib 2% of the time. I got a Kardia about 4 months ago. I have never had symptoms but I am learning to recognize when I am in A Fib. The Kardia is extremely accurate in detecting it.

I fired my old cardiologist. I got a new one in a far away city on November 1. I liked him. I brought him a kardi a report and he likes it. He even posted in my online site they maintain. About December 1 I discovered he had not linked with my loop recorder.A few days later I got a message that their clinic had linked with my "pacemaker" . What good is all this technology if no one bothers to read it. For now I am refusing to transmit any information until I can be assured I will get a summary report. It is such a waste, Medicare paid about $35000 to have that implant it in. The battery is only good for so long.


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  • iredell
    iredell, February 3,  2019  12:50pm EST

    My loop recorder was installed a year ago. It has never been linked to my cardiologist's office. I go in for a checkup twice a year, and that is when they run the summary.  In fact, I had to call his office last year when I went into afib.  What was the point to install it?  Money in his pocket, I'm sorry to say, may be the real answer.

  • TomA3439
    TomA3439, February 3,  2019  5:18pm EST

    We discovered my original cardiologist went to numerous expensive lunches and events provided by Medtronics. My wife asked him some technical questions about how the system worked that he couldn't answer. He then admitted he had not gone to the training sessions. He then got mad and I guess he fired me . The feeling was mutual.

    It  doesn't look good for the new guy. He did read the loop recorder when I was there but did not give me the report. He did not hook up with Medtronics until prodded. His office staff thinks it is a pacemaker. He put me on propafenone. I didn't think it was helping, maybe making it worse. I quit taking it. The loop recorder would tell the tale.

    He said it would likely get worse

     I think his game is to sell ablation. I would like to get rid of it but as long as I have no symptoms I will not consider it.


  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, February 4,  2019  8:37am EST

    Tom, good for you, for being aggressive in your treatment and educating yourself.   Your experience is certainly an eye-opener.  Are you seeing an electrophysiologist (not just a cardiologist)?  Try to find one that will be a lot more open, in treating you.  It may be that ablation would be a good thing for you -- they are not generally difficult (at least, mine weren't).  But only have an ablation done by an electrophysiologist who has a long record of doing successful ablations.  All the best in your journey!

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • amurray77
    amurray77, February 13,  2019  11:02pm EST

    Hey Tom:


    I have the same Reveal Linq in my chest and I also have a Kardia. Mine went right to my doctor and I have no cell issues.  In fact, I just fired my EP and moved my reports to my new EP.  so the thing to remember is this is not live monitoring.  They have to go in and read it.  This irritates me too.  

    I have another big problem with it.  I had an ablation in November and was having massive PACS after and still have some runs up to this day.  Although far fewer.  Only one 5 hour bout of AF 12 days after the ablation. 

    So I flew to Florida last month, and I love flying.  Never had an issue, but was getting over a sinus infection and my ears were popped and I could t hear.  Apparently, the pilot just graduated from Top Gun lol as we did a 75 degree snap roll into final. It clauses me anxiety, and boom the PACS started.  Lasted an hour.  I caught them on my Kardia. And even had a clinician read them as proof.  Guess what Medtronic device says?  Nothing. Not a goddamn thing.  It didn’t even catch the post sbalation PACs when it was clearly picking them up before my ablation.  I don’t trust this thing.  

    I also had a massive episode with very high rates in September of 18 and I called Medtronic and they had never heard of me???? My EP forgot to register my device with my name.  It was registered, but nobody ever gave me the serial number.  Medtronic won’t tell you anything more than whether or not they got a tr smission from you and sent it to your doctor. So yeah, it detects AF,  it nobody reads it or calls you.  And what’s the point? I don’t understand why it used to pick up my PACs and no lol get does.  Did my EP turn down the sensitivity after my ablation? I k ow what a PAC feels like and I have caught them on Kardia  and I even know what they look like on the EKG as well as PVCs.  Anyway, my EP’s answer, the Medtronic is more accurate than Kardia. So I guess Kardia is picking up false PACS and I’m just imaging huge thuds in my chest that happen all day everyday, and my body is also innaccurte.  I am a 39 year old Afibber who survived a PE last April.  I’m with ya buddy.  Something fishy with this Reveal Linq business.  


    Ps the customer service people at Medtronic where the rudest, nastiest, people I have ever spoken too.  I was in AF worth rates over 200 and they were arguing with me. Unreal. Just my 2 cents. I guess the chip is more accurate that. My brain. 

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