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amurray77, January 5,  2019  10:35pm EST

2 Months Post Ablation

I am now 2 months post ablation.  I had early recurrence at 12 days post ablation and nothing since.  A lot of PACs and some close calls when I was sure it was going to go that way and didn’t.  


I take 240mg Cardizem daily. And 100 metropolol.  My question is are these meds, specifically Cardizem keeping me out of A FIb? Or is it the procedure?  I usually get PAF every two months.  Like clockwork.  Thanks. 

4 Replies
  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, January 6,  2019  12:59am EST

    It’s tough to say for sure. My EP kept me on my meds for six months Post ablation. I believe it was the ablation that kept me in rhythm. After the six months, I still did not have any afib. And haven’t had any yet.

  • amurray77
    amurray77, January 6,  2019  12:06pm EST

    So Ed, the fact that I had it 12 days post ablation may not be the best sign huh?he said it was very common and was probably from inflammation.  

  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, January 6,  2019  1:40pm EST

    Cardizen (calcium channel blocker) and metoprolol (beta blocker) are both rate control medications, so they slow down the heart rate. It usually takes a rhythm control medication to convert out of afib. So, I would think that the answer is that it's your ablation that is keeping you in rhythm. The exception might be that if you normally have PVCs or flutter that kicks off the afib, then by stopping them, you are avoiding the afib. 

    Also, afib during the 3-month blanking (healing) period is not a sign of failure. In fact, it is often due to inflammation and is considered a sign of more aggressive treatment by the person who ablated you. I often hear at medical conferences that it is a sign that you may have more complete relief from afib, and less risk of recurrence, after the healing takes place.


  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, January 7,  2019  9:56pm EST

    A Murray,

    strikes me it’s a fairly normal reaction.


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