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AmbassadorC, March 24,  2020  9:23am EST

What is your Corona challenge?

Good morning heart warriors❣️Before I head off to my virtual office for the day, as I prepared my lunch and got a head start on dinner prep, I was thinking to myself, what,  thus far, has been my greatest challenge and conversely, my biggest blessing? 
 For me, I am used to structure and routine. My biggest challenge has been adapting to my new normal of restablishing a new routine. I am an early riser as my commute to  work involves public transportation and a 8 block walk into the busy heart of Chicago. While not having to rise as early to get out the door has been a blessing of extra zzzz's, It has presented a bit of a challenge. Somehow it's not the same as having to earky rise, gulp down bfast and coffee, take care of the family and zip out the door. Even more, I'm lost without my ability to go to gym. While I have started taking advantage of the on line classes, for me, i have confirmed that I'm a people person and need routine. 

As I begin my day today, with the sweet sounds of birds and squirrels chirping, a far cry from buses, ambulances and sirens, I ask you, what has been you're greatest COVID 19 challenge and your biggest blessing? Once we are past this, this virus will have touched us all on one level or another. Stay healthy and strong heart warriors❤️. 

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  • AlyAHA
    AlyAHA, March 25,  2020  12:29pm EST

    Just like you, I have confirmed I am a people person. My daily gym routine, volleyball club, and wakeboarding all got put on pause. I am still trying to bike and walk my dog on a daily basis to get outside. People generally approach me due to my dog's size and personality and I didn't realize how much I appreciate those random interactions. Now we continue on with just a wave and 6 feet of distance between us. 

    However, I am grateful for this time to become more settled in our new home and to re-connect with my fiance. Things really change when you're around someone 24/7 when you're each used to your own work lives, personal lives, and hobbies. We are also using this time to connect with friends and family via phone or video! It's a gentle reminder we have so many people in our corner and we are ALL going through this together.

    Wishing you all well!

  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, March 29,  2020  8:26pm EST

    Like both of you, I too need my daily exercise routine. I have just started a new contract position which immediately has me working from home because of COVID-19. Being new to it all and out of my normal routine, I have had to make some adjustments. I decided to maintain one of my regular routines. I have always gotten up early to exercise before work. I've maintained that same routine. I don't get up as early as I used to while working from home but I get up, exercise, shower and have breakfast before I log into my company's server at the normal starting time. It does give me a sense of a "regular" work day while also getting me prepared for when this all ends. Of course, I don't have to prepare lunch before work like I used to but at least some of my routine is in place.


  • Apward
    Apward, April 8,  2020  7:54am EST

    Hello AmbassadorC!

    My biggest challenge is not being able to work due to my being immune-compromised. However, my biggest blessing is having a safe and comfortable environment to stay quarantine and a supportive job that understands my leave. It sounds like you are truly staying positive and happy in the midst of the stress. I am trying to find ways to stay healthy and exercise as well! I am thankful that youtube has a lot of awesome at-home workouts.  Thank you for your encouragement to count our blessings and to stay positive during this time. 

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