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AmbassadorC, June 13,  2020  2:35pm EST
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Today is a new day ...

Good afternoon Heart Warriors - 

I hope this finds the community in continued good health and safety.  If you are like me, I find it challenging to count my blessings and not my worries in these crazy times that we are all going through, together as one.  As the states slowly begin to enter into gradual phases of normalcy, that got me thinking, when are we going to become "normal" again?  I then pondered, it may not be a matter of "when" as the dials are gradually being turned up, but "if" there ever will be a time when we revert back to life as we knew it pre-CV 19.  For starters, I like many, have missed my routine of going to the gym and working out.  While I took advantage of on line work outs and simple stretches, it just wasn't the same for me. Somehow when lockdown went into effect, even though my husband and I bought bikes to keep up with cardio, my get up and go must have got up and went. Until today.  Today is the day, that I kicked myself back into gear and attended a UFC DUT circuit training class.  Today is the day that I decided I will not let CV-19 stand in the way of what "normal" is.  There are so many things that are not going to be the same in life as we once knew it, but that is no reason to loose the grit and determination to stay heart strong.  While taking a class now involves a few changes such as wiping down the equipment after each rotation, along with staying 6 feet apart, the feeling of accomplishment at the end of class has not changed.  Today is indeed a new day and may be just what I needed to create my new "normal" instead of waiting for things to revert back to the way they were. 

As heart patients, we are constantly adpating and overcoming our new challenges and obstacles. As a result, we frequently adapt to our new "normal".  While things can upset routines, we must not fall into counting our worries of the what if this, and what if that and instead, push forward.  We must kick our spirits back into gear and not let fear of the unknown keep us from moving forward.  As I celebrate my accomplishment of taking a class for the first time in 3 months, today is a new day.  Today is the day that I fight back and cut through the negativity and talking myself into another reason to let fear stand in the way of being the heart warrior that I truly am. 7 years ago today, my mitral valve was repaired, so that I can count my blessings and not my worries.

For those of you that are newly diagnosed or your procedures have been put on hold due to CV-19, do not let the fear of the unknown take over.  It is imperative now more than ever that you stay in comunication with your care team and stay vigilent of your symptoms. You can and will get through this, one heart beat at a time. You have a communty of heart warriors such as myself that will be your strength for the journey ahead. Keep on fighting with heart!

Ambassador C  

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  • Apward
    Apward, June 24,  2020  4:14pm EST


    As a fellow heart patient, I could not agree more about always having to adapt to the new normal. If we continue to live in the fear of the unknown, we will never truly experience what life has to offer. When you have gone through heart surgeries, it makes you realize the importance of living life to the fullest. I know that the world is adapting to a new normal, but with support from friends, family, and your heart team, you can find ways to achieve and thrive in your goals. Thank you so much for your encouragement and outlook!

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