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jerzeycate, May 4,  2020  11:35pm EST


The greatest lesson I have learned in life, is that no matter what city we come from, what color our skin, what Church or Temple we worship at... we’re basically the same.
We all have a story.
We all have pain.
Sometimes we get stuck in the pain.
Or stuck in a moment of something that happened to us.

After a while we begin to feel defined by the events.
Defined by the moments.
Defined by the pain.

We spend much time talking to each other, yet we say little that's meaningful.
Rarely do we encourage each other to move past the events.
To move past the moments.
To move past the pain.

Or remind each other that our history does not have to define our destiny.
That we can move past our past.
That when we own our story, we can write a brave new ending.

A lot of us get stuck in life’s pain.
We get stuck in life’s Moments.
We get stuck in life's Events.

For many it never changes.
We can’t get past our past.
We deny our story, so it owns us.
It defines us.

People stay stuck.
Life continues to be defined by the past.
People judge us by the chapter they walk in on.
Many never stop judging themselves.

Fact: Stuff happens. 
I’ve been broken. 
I’ve been depressed. 
I’ve been angry
I felt abandoned. 
I felt alone.
Nothing changed, until I changed it all.
I’d have missed out on so much if I hadn’t.

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  • AlyAHA
    AlyAHA, May 6,  2020  6:33pm EST

    Thank you for sharing this message! We are in control of so many things-even if it is just our perspective or changing our reactions! Hope you are doing well!

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