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AmbassadorC, May 17,  2021  7:07am EST

Planning ~ adventure ~ opportunity

I would like to share a segment that was posted by a local resident and photographer on a local chat board that resonated with me as a heart patient, but with a twist. While we may not always have the opportunity to "plan" as heart patients know, we do have the power to be adventurous and seek opportunity in the smallest of ways. The picture of the sunset reminded me of when I was still building stamina to walk again after open heart suregery. I became creative in taking difffernt routes  in which to walk, rather than the same old path. While on those walks, I took the opportunity to take in the beauty and surroundings that I may have never seen before. Here's to some Monday morning inspiration to all those heart warriors out there. Keep on fighting with heart❤️

Springtime Sunset - Planning, Adventure, and Opportunity Those 3 words are the mantra for my life and go hand and hand with my photography. Let me explain briefly how using those 3 helped me to get this photograph. Planning - I looked at the weather forecast for the day and knew where I was going to be around sunset on early Thursday evening after refereeing some high school boys volleyball matches. Adventure - I had seen photos of Pilcher park on the border between Joliet and New Lenox and had passed by the outskirts of the park a number of times before, but never planned a visit. So I planned a small adventure in the park on the way home after my games. Opportunity - I didn’t know what kind of views were in the park, or even much about the park. As I keep driving on the main park road it went through a very forested area which would be great for nature walks but not very good for sunset photos. Nearing the end of the park, things opened up near the nature center. I saw this body of water and a quickly fading sun. I parked my car, grabbed my always with me camera, walked a little along the shoreline, and came to this spot for my shot of the day. Plan for your next adventure and opportunity!

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, May 17,  2021  8:30pm EST

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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