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jerzeycate, January 11,  2021  3:38am EST

Look To The Sky...


Have you ever had the pleasure of lying on your back and watching the clouds roll by?

We marvel at their beauty, at their power.
They are constantly changing…
Color, shape, size, mood and purpose. 
Puffy and white they float around in dazzling brilliance. 
Suddenly...without warning, taking on a grey angry appearance, they become storms.
Storms that produce lightning and thunder…
Storms that bring forth all of nature's vengeance.  
As quickly as the storm develops it returns to a peaceful state.
Once again, the clouds float past without a care in the world. 

Life can be like the changing clouds, as we develop techniques to help us deal with circumstances that come our way. 
As we learn to adapt to conditions around us.
As we recognize we can thrive in the storms of life. 
As we grow to understand our true potential is found not in the calm of life, when there are few problems in our world, but in the inevitable storms. 

When we allow frustrations and problems to determine how we feel about life, we can wind up hopeless, defeated. 
When we take the opportunity to develop resources that help us weather the storms and find the inner strength to overcome them, we can face life with a new determination. 
We can use each challenge, each obstacle as an opportunity to grow. 

The key to building inner strength is knowing that just like a thunderstorm passes, so will the difficult situations we face. 
Recognize that every situation lasts a few hours, a few days, even as little as a few minutes. 
Know that with patience and perseverance, we can ride out the storm.
We can enjoy its fruits much like the earth does when a storm has ended. 

Each time you face a tough situation. 
Know that the resources to deal with it are within you. 
That you are stronger than you realize.
Braver than you think.
Learn from your mistakes.
Grow through them. 
Take risks.
Fall down.
Get back on your feet.
This will make you strong.
It will make you as powerful as the clouds in the sky.


It's A Great Day To Be Alive...


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