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jerzeycate, January 14,  2021  1:48pm EST
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Just Do It...

One of the most brilliant advertising slogans of all time is Nike’s “Just Do It™”. 
It has generated billions of dollars in revenue. 
Impressive but not the reason “Just Do It” is my Mantra.
Since we associate Nike with sports and athletics, it’s easy to think the message is about getting active. 
About summoning willpower. 
About digging deep and finding physical strength you never knew you had.
About pushing yourself no matter how tough the task. 
That’s all there.

Before you can get to any of that — whether you are running a race, finishing school, starting a business — there’s something else you have to have — Courage.
Just Do It builds COURAGE.

What holds back someone whose doctor says they need to get more exercise “or else,” but hasn’t strapped on a pair of sneakers in 20 years?
Lack of Motivation? 
You did hear me say “Or Else” right?
Will I look foolish?
Will I do it wrong?
Will I be winded in mere minutes?
Will people laugh at me?

In virtually everything we attempt  — first and foremost — what stops us from taking the first step, making the first move? 
The answer to Fear is simple. Not easy, but simple.
I’m not good enough! Just do it.
I’m not ready! Just do it.
I don’t know how! Just do it.
I might fail! Just do it.

Never mind the past.
Never mind what you’ve done until now.
Never mind the reasons you can’t.
Never mind the people who say you can’t.
Never mind how scared you are.

Don’t try to overcome all the Challenges.
Acknowledge them. 
Then put them aside and Begin.
Take action.
Move decisively.
Get to where you want to be.
Just Do it
All that, in a three-word phrase seen on t-shirts, billboards, hats, bags, boxes, even shoes. “
Just Do It” is Emblazoned on the brains of generations…
Amazing, isn’t it.

Nike set out to transform a business with a slogan. 
What may have seemed Foolish-- Worked.
In the process they did something much more valuable.
They supplied that “little voice” in our heads with a simple yet powerful response to the doubt, hesitation, resistance, and fear that plaques us all.



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