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jerzeycate, June 8,  2020  11:45am EST

It's Never Too Late...

t’s never too late to start over.
To hit the pause button.
To breathe.
To begin again.
Life is beautiful.
Life is imperfect.
Life is complicated .
Life is messy.

We are part of life.
We grow, we change.
We laugh, we love.
We get broken, we come back together
Life has no rewind button.
But it’s never too late.
Never too late to let go.
Never too late to start over.

It’s never too late
Never too late to Strengthen your Faith.
Never too late to reach deep inside your soul.
To find yourself.
Reshape, remold yourself.
Become the person you were meant to be.
Reconnect with the world
Start again.

It's never too late to change your perspective.
To see things for the better.
To realize that your cup truly is half full.
To recognize that nothing is perfect.
That you are not perfect.
That I am not perfect.
That we are going to mess up.
That sometimes there may be no answer.
That sometimes things just happen.
That no matter what it’s never too late.

Life is constantly turning..
Turn in whatever direction you want to turn.
If you don’t like where life’s taking you turn.
Turn Right.
Turn Left.
Take the back road.
Whatever you have to do to find your way back.
Don’t turn around.
Don’t turn back.
Just keep moving.
“Never backward, always forward. Always."
Because it's never too late.

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