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AmbassadorC, January 31,  2019  12:42pm EST

How is your Inspo for 2019 Going?

Hello Heart Warriors! Checking in with our vibrant community from the Polar Vortex of "Chiberia". Yes, a second straight day we broke records here in Chicago for being THE COLDest on record. Typing those words just makes me chilly.

As I have been thinking about what a CRAZY month January has been not only in terms of weather, but in my personal and professional arenas, I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when we hit February 1st. That got me thinking to my post at the beginning of this month in terms of What is your Inspo? How has the first month of 2019 been for you?

Earlier this month, I attended a lunch and learn presented by an Empowerment Educator, Nikki Nigl. I found it to be very motivating and thought I would share some thoughts that she touched on. As she presented, she shared with the group that she suffers from panic attacks right before she's about to go on stage. One day, she had the courage to actually record when she was having the attack and decided that she would "own" who she was and accept that panic attacks are part of who she is. That said, I started to think about the overall theme of being a heart patient. Many heart patients suffer from the emotional side effects and baggage that being a heart patient carries. Often times, it can become cyclical from the "what if's to the why me's" and really start to bring ones persona down. Nikki went on to explain that the way she "conquered" her fears of having panic attacks was to "act". By "acting" you "be"come. Action must come first, and by acting, that will get you to "be"come the person you want to be and THEN you conquer.

How does this apply to heart patients you may ask? Well, it's simple. By "act"ing, i.e. acknowledging that you are a heart patient, it becomes part of who you are and you are owning your lifestyle. A big part of being able to overcome the darkness that so many heart patients suffer from, is the inability to accept that your heart issue is part of who are and where you are at this moment. It is part of your "be"ing.  It doesn't have to be forever, but just now, at this moment. As I reflect upon my journey, at the time I was diagnosed, I would have NEVER envisioned inspiring others to keep on fighting through their disease. I would have NEVER envisioned the ability to exercise as hard as I do when I was told I had to have open heart surgery to repair my valve, or else.... It began with me acting, and accepting my status as a heart patient, and today, I still accept that I am a post repair heart patient.  It is part of my "be"ing and makes me the person that I am.

So, as we wrap up the last day of the first month of the year, I ask you, how is your Inspo going for 2019?  Are you "be"coming the person you want to be? As a recap from the first post,

Just Be - Focus more on just being in the moment instead of trying to think of what I am not accomplishing by being in the moment. Life is short, and perhaps I need to appreciate more of life's precious moments by just "being".

Just Be - A Blessing to someone. A simple smile or hello to a stranger can make all the difference in someone's day. Did you ever notice when giving a genuine compliment to someone, that not only do you feel good, but the other person likely feels better than you do? Ask yourself, not only how can you be a blessing to others, but count your blessings each day. It may be something as simple as a hot cup of coffee, a flower, your dog, or the roof over your head. Just find something. The more blessings you find in your life, the more you will be blessed.

Just Be - The person that you are meant to be. Sure, we can all use improvments and can always do better. But Why force yourself into being someone you aren't?

Just Be - True to yourself. You know where your faults lie and what you need to do better. Own your lifestlye. In the end, you and only you are accountable for all your actions.

Just Be - lieve in yourself. As heart patients, at times, we tend to question why we were dealt "this card" and sometimes that negative thought process, can pull us down and derail our positivity. Believe in yourself, that YOU CAN and WILL GET across that finish line, one heart beat at a time. The neat thing about believing in yourself, is that no matter what lemons life hands you, you can squeeze them and turn them into lemonaide. Just Believe!

Just Be - Your best, in everything you do

So, Remember to act first, then "be"come the person you want to be as you will then "conquer" whatever is standing in your way.  Keep on fighting with heart, Heart Warriors, you can and will conquer this, one heartbeat at a time



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