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KimberlyG, September 11,  2020  8:28am EST

"From My Heart"

I am a wife, mother,  daughter,  sister, friend, American Heart Association National Heart Valve Ambassador, Global Humanitarian, and  Heart Valve Disease Survivor. A  couple of years ago ,I received a new heart valve plus a pace maker. I was born with an abnormal heart valve  and developed symptoms at age 42.  I notified my doctor, a  test was ordered then I received a mechanical valve. Four days later I developed heart blockage . The doctor informed my family that I would need a pace maker to help my heart function. A year later, my third  surgery took place  :  pace maker revision. My fourth surgery took place on December 21st, 2015; I received new batteries  in my pace maker.



   Five things I wish I knew before my heart valve procedure…

  1. More information about the potential side effects after surgery, such as anemia, shortness of breath , low endurance, etc. which  occurred after my first  procedure.
  2. Time frame for the recovery process.
  3. How to cope with the physical limitations.
  4. How to prepare for the transition; post-surgery.
  5. More information about the medication I need to take.

   Five things I know now, after my heart valve replacement & three  pacemaker surgeries:

  1. The struggle is real and that’s why I rely on my faith in God to cope with the recovery process.
  2. It’s very important to notify my cardiologist when I develop any new symptoms; I am so thankful for my doctor.
  3.  Keep the lines of communication open with my family & friends about my recovery.
  4. Focus on the positive; reach out, give back to the community: help others cope with heart-related issues.
  5. Press through the low moments, take one day at a time and never, give up.


              I thank God for giving me the courage &  strength to share my story of survival from four surgeries.




                 Sharing Healthy Resources...



                       May your day be filled with love, peace and joy





            Photo Credit: takenbylalaphotography

2 Replies
  • NewPacer73
    NewPacer73, September 17,  2020  7:24pm EST

    Love your lists! And resources. Awesome post. So sorry you have dealt with so much at such a young age. You are a gift for me. Things I never thought about. Excellent post. Thanks for sharing this with me. Hugs and much love to you.

  • KimberlyG
    KimberlyG, September 23,  2020  6:35pm EST

    I appreciate your kind words,  may your week be filled with blessings 🌹

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