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jerzeycate, June 14,  2020  5:11am EST

Change your Filter... Change your World.

Everything you are, everything you will become, is because of what you have experienced.

Those experiences are all encompassing.

The good, the bad, and the downright ****.

How you view those experiences, right now, today, will set the tone for your future.

Keep in mind, you can change your view whenever you like!

Change your filter, change your world.

For me, I could find every excuse in the book to keep playing small. Keeping myself from what I truly desire,

I’ve done this and it led me down a path of uncertainty, exhaustion, and burnout.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

The narrow filter that I viewed myself and my life through was ridiculously unfair.

In fact, when I took a step back observed that filter — my narrow lens, made absolutely no sense at all.

There was nothing holding me back, no invisible wall, no barrier or block, no person/place/thing that was keeping me from my goals…

Just me.

When I decided to take blame out of the equation all Ihad left with was my decisions.

Jump head first into your dreams.
Take your time.
Dip your toes, or stay on the shore.
But take responsibility for your decisions.

Today, I encourage you, to take a second look at your filter, at how you see yourself and your surroundings. Go back through the experiences that have been instrumental in shaping you and the life you have today.

All of your experiences, everything (and I mean everything) and take a moment to view them as a blessing…what you needed up until this point to take action.

Then put them aside and step over the invisible line and into your own greatness.

Into your biggest, most profound success to date.

Whether that means you write the first page in a future bestseller, you make that call to your dream client, or you simply make a decision to start building the life of your dreams
Take that next step.
I’ll be right here cheering you on!

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