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spice, January 1,  2020  6:12am EST

Anxiety relieving herbs / alternative medications



Happy new year everyone!


I was bullied at school a a child because I have a dry skin condition, I left school with serious confidence issues. I have always blamed my social anxiety and confidence issues on the bullying, however I just learned by surprise at the weekend that both my sister and my brother have anxiety disorders (nice of them to let me know) and I always knew my mother had depression issues, so I think it would be safe to say its a genetic thing, right?


Anyway, I just started taking a over the conter product with valerian root herb, which has long been used to help sleep disorders and stress.




However this product is not designed for long term use and after a brief search on google it seems valerian has not got any long term use safety evidence so I dont fancy taking the stuff more than a few weeks. I believe it is helping a little as I candrink less alcohol and went a efw days alcohol free (yes I know its bad for HBP however I am finding it dificult to cut down).


So anyway I was wondering if anyone here knows of any over the counter products that can be good for long-term use? I read CBD oil is becoming popular however I cant see any evidence that long term use is safe either? Thanks in advance.



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