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DolphinWrite, February 2,  2019  4:49pm EST

Amazing Timing

Since you guys have shared amazing stories of hope, I though to share one:  one you may have read already, but perhaps not, and may be looking here.  I grew up in a military family, and for the first 10 years, we moved almost yearly.  My sister and I lost homes and friends over and over, and being in an alcoholic family, we faced issyes there as well. Emotional struggle's as with many families.  Well, with the passing years, we sort of drifted, so I had prayed we would be a family again one day.  Myself, after all the moves growing up, ended up moving quite a bit more, looking for a place to call home, but never really finding, living alone much of the time, again losing friends, now in a good place with friends.  After working in a stressfull career for over 2 decades, I had a heart attack, aND pretty severe by the cardiologist''s own words, and he was surprised I had made it, driving myself to the icu.  At the time, our dad was being moved to a home from his retirement community and my sister just happened to be driving down with her husband and son.  Long story short, we all came together, again, health seems to be improving as I exercise daily, and our dad is in a better place.  He seems to have reverted to his alcoholic self, being grumpy and all, so I hope for your prayers as mine wereally answered.  What seemed bleak at best has brought answers: hope.  My prayers now are to be forever thankful, return to work with better tools, and return the favor by encouraging others.  

4 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, February 4,  2019  9:46am EST

    Thank you for sharing! Best Katie 

  • sorento
    sorento, February 4,  2019  7:42pm EST


    Thank you for sharing your story.  I enjoyed reading it.

    Sadly, I think so many of us grew up with challenges and suffered, not knowing what we could do...we survived the best we were capable of...

    We also don't know most of what our future holds...

    So anytime we can get lemonade from lemons...enjoy!


  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, February 5,  2019  8:21pm EST

    Very nice story! I wish you all the best in all you do!


  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, February 5,  2019  10:52pm EST

    Thank you.  My hopes are to use this life in support of others.  

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