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DolphinWrite, February 8,  2019  1:17am EST

Amazing Hope

Here''s an addition to an earlier share.  Since the ha 6 1/2 months ago, there''s been a steady improvement, though a little sketchy in the first 8 or so weeks during which I was in the er 3 more times.  My first cardiologist was the grim reaper, shaking his head at me after putting in the stents, telling me after a few days my heart wouldn't get much better, never recommending rehab, never giving me good news, only pressing for an icd.  I've been researching, reading what you guys share, talking to people at rehab and group, amazed at a high energy woman who had a transplant and is on her feet and busy.  I prayed daily.  Well, my second cardiologist also wanted the icd implanted but we talked about a two month thinking time.  During that time, my diet''s improved, I've been in rehab, cycled up to 12 miles, walked daily, and did calisthenics, staying active and social.  Today, my cardiologist was very happy.  Numbers looked good and my heart function based upon rehab data showed normal function.  He never even mentioned the internal defibrillator, and lowered the BP meds.  128/85 the last showed.  Thanked the Lorder for what I couldn'the do.  The first cardiologist saw nothing but problems.  The second was hopeful, encouraged, and now only 6 months later, the numbers look great.  Ef wa's 30 2 month's ago, but will check again in two or three months, but lots of energy.  Keep the faith. 

2 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, February 8,  2019  9:23am EST

    Thank you for this great post! Best Katie 

  • yarn007
    yarn007, February 8,  2019  9:56pm EST

    What wonderful news!   Thanks for sharing it with us.   Keep up your wonderful work.   Don't ever forget to trust your gut.   If you have questions or aren't happy with the answers you are getting... keep on questioning until you feel comfortable with what you are being told.  Never stop advocating for yourself.    

    Proud of you Dolphinwrite!

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