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jerzeycate, January 18,  2021  1:31pm EST
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Am I Brave Enough?

I never considered myself to be particularly brave. 
In fact, most of my life I suffered from anxiety and a lack of confidence.
I realized early on, that if I wanted to live life to the fullest I would have to put on a brave face.
I would have to push myself out of my comfort zone.
It isn’t always easy.
But it’s always worth it.
Then I developed, quite suddenly, a complex cardiac disorder.
It put me out of commission for quite a while.
Things are finally stabilizing at a “new normal”. 
I’ve been sidelined for too long. 
I’ve become complacent.
Sitting on the sidelines is no fun. 
Nothing great happens there.
Recently I’ve been asking myself some questions…
Am I brave enough to conquer my demons? 
• Am I brave enough to leave my comfort zone? 
• Am I brave enough to chase my dreams?
• Am I ready for change?
I have a lot of things left on my Bucket List.
I need to get moving again. 
To push myself. 
To try out my new normal.
To push through self- imposed limits.
I’m not there yet.
A lot of people with serious health issues tell me that the process of fighting an illness changed their lives.
I am becoming one of them. 
The battle gives me confidence I never knew existed.
Keeps my anxiety at bay.
Pushes me beyond expectations.
I’ve become one of the Brave.
Literally fighting for my life,
Makes me push limits.
It helps define who I am.
I'm afraid to stop being brave. 
What will happen if I do?
I need to be brave enough for today. 
No matter what
When I became Brave Enough,
Everything Changed.

It's A Great Day To Be Alive...

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