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Specialane, December 14,  2018  10:05am EST
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11 months

It is amazing that it has been 11 months since my dad's diagnoses of Coronary Artery Disease. You can't even tell that he has it.He has been so amazing this year.Just a few days ago he told me I am so proud of you and all that you achieved this year. It made me cry tears of joy. He has been so strong for my mom and I as we are dealing with my grandma being diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 92 years old and will have surgery next week on Tuesday.

4 Replies
  • yarn007
    yarn007, December 16,  2018  1:39am EST

    Glad to hear your father continues to do well.   It is always nice to hear such good news.   Best wishes goes out to you and your family.   Sorry to hear grandma has to have surgery next, but hope all goes well.   Do let us know how she is doing.


  • jerzeycate
    jerzeycate, December 26,  2018  11:25am EST

    It is so good to hear from you. Especially to hear your Dad is doing so well. What a great picture.

    I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. Wow, can you catch a break? It seems you are going to learn your way around the healthcare industry whether you like it or not. My Mom had both cardiac issues and breast cancer. Her surgery was quite successful though she will need to stay on a daily medication forever. The medicine is designed to keep cancer in remission.  I hope you and your family had a good Christmas. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers as you face this new challenge.

  • Specialane
    Specialane, January 29,  2019  10:37am EST

    My grandma is doing fantastic. The surgery went perfect. So far this year has been going amazing. 

  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, January 29,  2019  7:57pm EST

    These are the stories that bring hope.  Thanks. 😊

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