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Heartluv, May 18,  2020  9:08pm EST

Hello VSD baby

Hello everyone. In 1967 I was born with a VSD. The heart surgery for CHD was in its beginning stages of life. I was very sick as a child. The dr told my mother I needed to weigh 24lbs. At 4 years old I was able to have my surgery. The dr told my mother it was 50/50 chance I could live or die.  Well, I made it. Was in the hospital 2 weeks. Did not have any problems until about a year ago. I have multiple lung and heart issues and diseases.  Its hell getting old. LOL I told this story so you have hope. Like I said, the heart surgery i had was in the early stages of life. Very risky. So i know you or your babies have a way better chance of going thru and recovering heart surgery. Thank you for reading this far. I wish i could hug all your babies. 🙂

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  • AlyAHA
    AlyAHA, May 19,  2020  6:59pm EST

    Thanks so much for sharing your positive outcome and instilling hope in others :)

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