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snshef, April 30,  2019  8:52pm EST

When the “Pooch” bit me

Hi, this is Stan. The day I had a life changing event was Dec.16 2018. My EF 20, afib, and new problems I didn’t understand. All the tests came back and I was told I had heart failure. Another test, and one stent was put in. What the hell was going on?  I actually started being funny and just making an ass out of myself, I just couldn’t believe what happened.  I went to the Cleveland Clinic Heart Failure Clinic (CC) for a few hours after getting out of Cardiac Care.  I  learned the only thing I could do to help myself was to exercise, watch sodium, 1500-2000mg. daily, drink  four to six eight oz. glasses of water every day, and take my meds on time because that’s what strengthens the heart muscle.  I went into the CC Cardiac Rehab program about six weeks after coming home from CC hospital. Their program was thirteen weeks, three days a week. I now work out four days a week, rowing, bike and stretching three days and on the fourth, I walk.  This is my body, and as long I’m around, I’ll be at it.  I am eighty-one and worked out for forty-five years. Then the “pooch” bit me. However, I had an my second echo, EF now forty from twenty.  Now I keep saying 50-60 while working out.  Part two is to keep busy as much as I can. My body will tell me when to stop. I had to see a psychologist to understand the reality of what I was facing.  A real wake up!   Now I’m doing what I enjoy, playing bridge, meeting friends coffee/lunch, got a little more religion and of course writing this story of the “pooch” biting me.  I know we are all different.  I can cry from the stories I read.  Never give up having a positive attitude.  We all walked in as a puppy, and damn it, we will walk out a bull dog to the end.  ..Please let me know what you’re doing for fun. I look forward to your questions and answers about anything.  I am not a Dr. nor do I own the CC.

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  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, May 19,  2019  7:27pm EST

    Keep on truckin. 😎

  • barb1620
    barb1620, June 23,  2019  2:44am EST

    I have heart failure, EF 60, mitral valve prolapse, tricuspid valve disease, asthma, smoker, obese.  I walk about 19 minutes 3 x a week.  Sometimes I stop and take breaks.  I need to up my minutes but don't know what to do.  If I do more, I get out of breath and fatigued.  When ef was 50, they said I could walk as much as I should.  When ef was 60 (April), they said I should walk 20 minutes a day.  Do you think I can do more?  What do you suggest?  My goal is 30 minutes 4-5 times a week, with or without stopping.  What do you think?  Of course, I'll watch for warning signs of chest pain.  I think I might have heart failure with preserved ejection fraction instead of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (below 50).  My next appt is in October and then it will be too cold to walk outside, but I do have a treadmill for winter.  I'm also trying to cut back on sugar losing weight is goal.

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