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Lexirain515, January 25,  2019  2:37pm EST

Trust your body and your instincts!

I was born with a bicuspid aortic valve and I was diagnosised at 2 years old with aortic stenosis. The cardiologist told my parents that I was not to join any competitive sports to keep my heart rate down. As a child with 4 other very active, perfectly healthy, siblings it was extremely hard for me to avoid getting competitive with them and running around with them. To make matters worse I grew up in the country on 5 acres of land so my siblings were always out there running around, playing tag or baseball or something. 

When I get too active I have chest pain and that is my que to settle down. My mom took me to my cardiologist regularly and would bring up my chest pain episodes and he would run some tests and he always excused the pain as being gurd. Now as a child I thought the doctor knows best but it wasn't until I became an adult and realized what gurd actually was and I knew that was not the pain I had been feeling. I switched cardiologist back in August of 2018 and my new cardiologist laughed when I told him what the other had said. My new doctor said it definitely was not gurd and that I would require surgery within the next 6 months. I am now scheduled to have the ross procedure (double valve replacement surgery) February 5th. I have to say, it felt pretty good to know that I know my body better than a doctor who knew me for 20+ years! 

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  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, February 15,  2019  2:15am EST

    You'really a great example for others.  I learned in my short time with my heart attack and recovery not to trust a cardiologist just because he or she did a good job repairing me.  I thank him for that, but I finally got a second cardiologist who got me in rehab when the first never made the effort.  The first only wanted to insert an internal defibrillator and wouldn't discuss options, treatments, nor my concerns.  With the second, conditions improved so much, we're no longer talking about the icd, and my energy levels are always up.  Huge difference.  Good for you.  Hope all goes well.  God bless.

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