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Teddy51, February 18,  2019  11:17am EST

Open Heart Surgery to correct an Anomalous Right Coronary Artery.

Hello forum readers, I'm Teddy and just joined the AHA Support Network.  Below is a copy of my recent Facebook post that I shared for the first time after learning I have ACHD, and thought it would be a good copy to introduce myself to this group.  I welcome your thoughts and experiences as I begin my journey down this path.  Thanks in advance!.....

(Edit - Tue 2/19: To add more info from my hospital report and provide additional specific diagnosis details...Right Coronary Artery: There is  ANOMALOUS ORIGIN OF THE RIGHT CORONARY ARTERY from the left coronary cusp with is felt to be malignant.  There is acute angulation at the ostium of the right coronary artery which displays an intra-arterial course between the pulmonary artery and proximal ascending aorta and demonstrates luminal narrowing at it's ostium.)

Friends and family, I am facing a personal medical emergency that I wish to share the news of with you all.  I am a private person (as you all may guess from lack of FB postings!) but this is a significant shareable moment in my life.  I have spoken with some of you already with this news, I am grateful for your wishes of luck and support.
This past Sunday morning I went to an Urgent Care facility after a second consecutive day of waking with chest discomfort.  With an abnormality in my EKG I took off to the ER at Holy Cross.  In triage I learned of an incredibly high Troponin level of 5000 during blood-work (the protein/enzyme the heart creates while under damage)…normal is around 19.  It peaked at 6000 a few hours later, before trending down to 4300.  After extensive testing (echo cardiogram, groin catheter angiogram, CTA/CAT Scan) we discovered an anatomical anomaly of an arterial vessel which I’ve had since birth and had no cause to be of concern until now.  It is very, very rare.  And gone undetected is often the cause of Sudden Death Syndrome.
So, with two choices in front of me…either proceed each day likely un-symptomatic until something triggers an attack, taking me by surprise to my possible death.  Or to use the opportunity of having this knowledge to address the abnormality.  I will choose the latter.  This means open-heart surgery.  And not by any heart surgeon, but by someone who has dedicated his professional life to cases of Adult Congenital Heart Disease and worked on more of these rare cases than anyone else in the country.  With thoughtful guidance of my team at Holy Cross, among who I am blessed included a heart surgeon who knows my wife through her workplace, and who immediately called his colleagues  - I have found the best at Mass. General, in Boston.  And things will move fast.
I am going to start a Go Fund Me campaign in the next day or so.  Please, please look for my next FB post announcing it.  And please, please share with all your friends, family and associates.  This will be a tremendous financial and emotional burden on my entire family, who not only include my wife and kids, but also my mom and bother who many of you may know all live together in this household.  We hope for your prayers and support in this upcoming difficult time, as we move forward with great faith and confidence to face a new challenge in our lives.
With great love and gratitude, yours truly,

  • Teddy51
    Teddy51, April 17,  2019  8:40am EST

    Thanks, Katie, for your thoughtful reply!

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