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Dave71, November 29,  2020  8:21am EST

Finally making some sense of it all

I recently just turned 49 and have been dealing with heart-related issues at least under the care of a cardiologist since I was 24, however apparently these issues that have now been identified really started at birth. In 1995 after multiple bouts of strep throat, I finally had my tonsils taken out. I started having symptoms of fluttering palpitations and dizziness spells that my cardiologist at the time prescribed propanol. I continued to experience these symptoms and was pretty much written off as anxiety. 
Luckily I always had low blood pressure but this changed in September 2019 after I started with a splitting migraine and inability to concentrate, I sent myself to the area Express Care and found my BP was 156/97. I was then referred to my cardiologist and was placed on medication. In October i underwent an ultra sound for what I thought was appendicitis but was told instead that my gallbladder had to be removed. Surgery was set for November 20th. On November 9th my symptoms of dizziness and intensifying migraine returned along with chest pains and lower abdominal pain, I drive myself to the ER hoping that they would take my gallbladder out then and there. My BP was reading 170/100. I spent the night in the ER until my BP lowered. I was told that unless my pressure was under control, I would not be able to have my surgery because I was considered a high risk for a cardiac event under anesthesia.

My cardiologist then put me on an additional medication and I had my laparoscopic cholecystectomy as scheduled. I was told afterwards that my BP did spike and I recorded several PVCs while I was under. I was then referred to wearing a holster monitor and have an updated echocardiogram as my last one was in 2011. Symptoms still persisted but echo and monitor were negative. Since my deductible was met, she ordered another echo this past September which showed moderately dilated right ventricle and left atria. Resurgence of tricuspid and mitral valves were also noted. She then ordered a bubble study which I had this past week and I was diagnosed with PFO as well as ASD. I'm supposed to have a TEE ordered to further determine the extent. I am scheduled to have surgery for plantar fasciitis on 12/30 but not sure if this will impact this date or not.

anyway I do feel vindicated in a way; I knew something was wrong all along....


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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, November 30,  2020  9:28am EST

    Thankyou so much for sharing your heart story with you. It does sound like you have been through a lot and are now on the right path to treatment. Please know that we here for you, now and as you progress through treatment. Best Katie

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