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GRJB7747, May 3,  2020  2:37pm EST

Bicuspid aortic valve, high blood pressure, 50% low heart rate.

Hi everyone.

I'm new to the site and looking for any guidance/suggestions from others who may have been through similar.

3.5 years ago I was diagnosed with bicuspid aortic valve with mild stenosis and regurgatation. There is family history and my father had aortic valve replaced a number of times. I also have high blood pressure and taking bisoprolal, hydrochlorothiazide and candesartin. Then 1.5 years ago, after my followup stress test and echo, was told there is 50% blockage in main artery.

Recently I have been experiencing excessive exhaustion....hard to stay focused and concentrate, sometimes lightheaded...but always extremely tired from the moment I get out of bed until I get back in. I am finding that my heart rate is predominately in the 40's throughout the day. GP has recently reduced my bisoprolal.....but heart rate staying low.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, May 4,  2020  8:54am EST

    Good morning, my first thought is to see your cardiologist and have a thorough check-up. This sounds like a situation that should be addressed by a heart failure specialist sooner, rather than later. 

    Thanks Katie

  • GRJB7747
    GRJB7747, May 5,  2020  12:50pm EST

    Thank you Katie.

    My GP has now advised me to stop taking my bisoprolal (beta blocker) completely to see if heart rate increases any. This is day one of that med change so I will monitor closely and report to my GP for next steps. It's a little more difficult to work with GP virtually in these Covid 19 restricted times.


  • GRJB7747
    GRJB7747, May 12,  2020  3:24pm EST

    Hi Katie and all,


    Further update of my situation. As mentioned previously, my family doctor reduced, and then later completely eliminated my beta blocker medication to try to increase my heart rate. First couple days no difference in heart rate. Then next day went into 90-110 range after being in 40's for weeks. Also  experienced fluttering in chest. Gradually over next few days the heart rate has come down to range of 50-60. Have some irregular rhythm and still tired/exhausted. Blood pressure was good for first few days after eliminating beta blocker, but now is gradually moving up and is in 145-135/95-80 range. 

    I still don't really have any clear information or direction from my family doctor. Wait and see I guess...



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