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Kpshatney, July 15,  2019  1:28pm EST

Anomalous Left Coronary Artery Arising from Right Sinus of Valsalva

Im trying to find other people who have what I have.  There is not much info out there.  I am 46 and was diagnosed with this after having a heart attack they can't seem to explain.  I have no answers.  The day after I was told about this defect. A surgeon came to my room and said I needed open heart surgery to fix this.  It was too damn dangerous not too.  Do iagreed. The day before surgery ,4 days later,  he came to my room and said sorry I made a mistake,  the surgery won't fix it.  Then was discharged with no real answers to anything except that it's rare. Anyone out there with any info?

3 Replies
  • Mslopez8308
    Mslopez8308, November 10,  2019  2:40am EST

    Hello I have the exact same condition except in reverse. I have Anomalous Right coronary artery arising the from the left. Yes this is still a condition that is only found 3 ways. Heart attack while on operating table, sudden cardiac death, or in my case by accident. I Completely understand what you are going through with a lack of information. But if you are still looking for info feel free to contact me.  I have my consult for bypass surgery this Tuesday. Hopefully all goes well.

  • Fayzer26
    Fayzer26, November 13,  2019  7:43am EST

    Hi I am 43 from UK. I have single coronary origin with anomalous left main artery from right. What course does yours have? I was originally told mine was interarterial and would need OHS but after much investigation they found it was subpulmonic/transseptal and benign rather than malignant as initially first thought. Therefore no surgery. I was told there are only 5 cases documented in the world with what I have. I feel very alone, still have chest pain ( which is why I was investigated and defect discovered “incindentally”) , my heart races and “bounces” which makes me feel like I’m coming off top of a rollercoaster. My blood pressure is low , I’ve been dizzy since school when I stand up ( due to low bp they say). I feel like I’ve been told I have this defect, you will be fine, bye. I have no follow up and this scares the life out of me. It’s really messed with my head and I’m struggling. 

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