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anna76, October 16,  2019  4:51pm EST

Yucky Blood work!

So I went to my doctor , again for my blood results.  

My Cholesterol is at 200. Doctor says bring it down with food.  Um Okay.

My Vitamin D is at a low 20.   She says a woman my age should be running at 50, lower end.  So, she prescribes Vitamin D2...I am not familiar with that, took one and thought I would kill my stomache.  So, I will not take another one.

I read online, and also have a book from the Library that Vitamin D being a hormone plays a huge role in all my problems.  Seems I don't know if that could be true, but I am willing to try.  Because I get no Sun, nada. I have skin cancer. My foods I like have no Vitamin D.  

I bought a cream Vitamin D with Magnesium in it.  Had great reviews.  I hope it works, I need to get my D up!  I go back in December after more blood work to check my D and Cholesterol.  

I am going to admit, my one indulgence is M&Ms.  Can it be that bad!?   I eat like a darn rabbit!  I walk 2 miles nightly now.  And take my dogs out to walk them at a fast pace for 10 minutes nightly.  I clean daily.  Walk my treadmill. BP reading was 140/82 which really set her off.  I don't do doctors well.  I practice breathing etc.  I am in my 50's and lam not heavy.  Actually lost 4 pounds!   

Anyone have any advice. I do great!  Then my body falls off the wagon.  It's like if I get a reading of 125/82 at home I get stressed!!!     I am on 2 medications for HBP you would think it would stay low if I am relaxing, but I think I am being unrealistic.  To fight the fear of this is so hard, I break at times.  My goal is to stop these meds.  I have cut one pill to half before bed.  But my doctors appointment was at 10am next day, so I did not take my pill yet.   She may adjust to different times of the day.

I am so over this!   

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, October 22,  2019  9:47am EST

    I am so sorry that you are having to manage this. It sounds like you are doing a great many things correctly and still not getting good results. Have you read through our healthy eating web pages to see if there are more hints and information there?  Please know we are here for you. Best Katie

  • jerzeycate
    jerzeycate, October 26,  2019  6:23am EST

    Maybe you just need to breathe.

    You are working hard. You seem to be doing all you can. Now it's time to relax and let your body calm down and adjust to all of the changes you have made.

    I know how hard that is. I also know that it may be the only way to get that BP down. When I worry, when I obsess about my illness and the "things that could happen," my body has no option but to respond. And it does. I know my BP is going up. I feel the headache. I feel my heartbeat. I feel the pit in my stomach.  And the list goes on. I'm sure you have a list of your own.

    e really have no option but to stop, doing some serious meditation, or other relaxation techniques, or exercise, or journaling... Or whatever it takes for you to get out of your head so your body can work things out.

    You are doing what you need to do. Your heart is working hard to recover and get strong.

    It's time to get out of your own way so your body can do what it needs to do.

    It's A Great Day To Be Alive...


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