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BMeneses, December 19,  2018  11:29pm EST

Which is more important? Systolic or the Diastolic


im completely new to these forums and often have trouble sleeping because of HBP so I figured I’d give it a try.

I’m 31 years old and have been battling High Blood Pressure for roughly 1-2 years now. I’m fairly active with working out and dieting. Like anyone I have my cheat meals and consume alcohol on a every weekend or every other weekend basis which could be cut to help with lowering it.

my concern is that my blood pressures can range anywhere from 130/89 to 150/100 on any given day. 

I read all the different charts of what counts as different stages of HBP. But my concern is one measurement more important than the other? I’ve had readings such as 135/98. So usually my systolic number isn’t as high as the diastolic number. I was wondering if anyone experienced similar readings and may know where’s it stems from.

How could the 2 different readings be that far off in comparison to what the charts say ?


any info would be helpful

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  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, January 29,  2019  8:31pm EST

    Well, I know the bottom number reflect's pressure at rest and the top during the heart pushing out blood:  something along those lines.  Those change regularly in response to foods, exertion, time of day, what you've been doing or thinking, stress, and any body changes.  Those are questions for your doctors, but I'm betting stress/ upset is a big factor.  Most people live on stress, worry, upset, and they become our motivators.  All the years I worked in a hifh stress job I learned slowly to relate stress to body responses.  Though I learned to be calmer, cycling or walking after, socializing more, thereally wad still underlining stress, and that builds and builds.  Realized I have to change my outlook.  God bless.

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