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anna76, July 15,  2019  4:25pm EST

Super low BP

I was very scared when I had a reading of 192 over 110. Or whatever it was that crazy night the admitted me in the hospital.

But...I have never been as low as 80/50!   Holy crap.  So I am up moving around, staying awake. drinking water.

This is the first time I have bottomed out.  Boy, you feel it!  Flip side of feeling HBP to me.

I feel I am too dosed up.  I am going to see a new Doctor next week.  

Anyone ran this low ever?  It's maddening.

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  • Jojoteacher
    Jojoteacher, July 15,  2019  8:05pm EST

    Me too!!! Except mine went as high as 210/125 and as low as 86/60. At one point while I was measuring it, it just kept going down and down and then the machine beeped and there was no reading. I was covered in sweat and light headed. Fortunately, that only lasted a few minutes. I am on 1 losartan, 2 atenolols and 1 triemterene (water pill) a day. What meds are you on? I will be seeing the cardiologist on Thursday. Now it’s about 100/71 and I’m due to take the second atenolol and triemterene but I’m scared to. I completely understand you!!!

  • anna76
    anna76, July 20,  2019  7:24pm EST


    I take 1 Metoprolol in the morning, then 1 Losartan, another Metoprolol at bed.  Seems like a bit much to me, as each pill is 50mg.

    I did not know a BP could read 210/125!!  Wow.  I went in the hospital with a high BP, but not near that reading.  

    I can say, I have had great BP my whole life, this is some scary stuff for me. I check my BP often, eat different now and lost weight which was mainly around my belly.

    I thought about asking to try to go off the Losartan, I don't like it seems to make me feel icky.  Maybe a water pill.

    I don't know, I just fired another doctor who says I am a woman....Oh those words!!!   Next week I hope to be in to see a better doctor, one who gets it!  

    I certainly do not want to have a stroke or heart attack.  I don't want to harm my kidneys either with these meds.or a high BP.

    I feel stuck, and have read so many books already about lowering BP naturally.  Seems I have better days when sticking to my diet of plants and fruits, and moving my body!

    BUT.....stress is a problem. I worry.  So I am now learning how to not give a crap about so much and lighten my load!!!

    PS don't let that BP run that high, go to the ER!!!    

    Take care.

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