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BringItDown, April 11,  2020  7:43am EST

So this is where my solution begins...

I am recovering from the coronavirus.  Although it was only a brief near-death experience, it woke me up to an issue I have been ignoring for years: high blood pressure.  Thank goodness I jog, bike ride and do some weightlifting for exercise or else I wouldn't be here.  It was a pressure test on the lungs and heart.  I see now why many thought coronavirus was an "older person's" disease.

I consider HBP an enemy of my long life expentancy and will go to war with it.  However, I am not going to fool myself, as this is actually a war against my self.  It will mean going into battle against bad old habits that have become engrained in my lifestyle.  If salt, caffeine and processed foods are the bullets, then the gun has been my mindset.  Time to change things.

The main reason for my enlistment on this site is to keep a public record of my progress.  I am a lazy individual who enjoys procrastination.  Something needs to be immediately painful in order for me to stick to finding a solution.  Struggling to breathing along with the feeling my head was going to explode during my coronavirus experience was my catalyst.  If I had been serious about HBP years ago, I wouldn't need to do this....but I haven't been.  My first plan of attack, besides this account, is to focus my personal research on the causes of and influences on this disease.  I then will need to develop a flexible plan of attack to fit my new normal of a lifestyle.  Finally, I will need to execute and maintain the plan.  Easy-peazy, lemon squeezy.

I know what I am capable of.  I beat diabetes, put leaky gut in check with minimal (if any) assistance from a healthcare professional.  With my attention squared on HBP, my aim is to bring it down.  Plain and simple.

Readings: Right side: 137/90, Left side: 145/84.  Heart Rate (Avg): 78.  NOTE: Readings taken 15 minutes after a 2.5 mile power walk.

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  • arogya
    arogya, April 11,  2020  9:10am EST

    Congratulations! It's inspiring to read someone who's won against #Wuhanvirus. 

    Keep your posts coming, am sure it will inspire and guide many folks that are looking to beat BP w/o medication. 

    At the end, every single med we need has a side effect. If Bp dnt get us, the med will. 

    Best of luck!


  • MG7279
    MG7279, April 11,  2020  9:11am EST

    First and foremost I'm happy that you are on path to recovering from COVID-19. 

    Like you, I knew about my hbp for years and never really took it seriously. It wasn't until Sep 2019 after doing a set of sprints that I went into tachycardia and since that time have had numerous bouts of tachycardia requiring numerous ER visits.

    Since that time I've taken my hbp seriously but in order to do so, I knew it meant more than just popping pills and thinking everything would be okay.

    No, it meant taking my health as a whole seriously. Along with lifestyle changes, my hbp has gone down and I do feel much better since that time.

    If you haven't already I would suggest getting a blood pressure monitor that connects to your smartphone that automatically keeps record of your readings. 

    I purchased the Omron Series 7 and like it very much

    Anyhow, keep pushing forward, stay consistent and realize that even small steps matter 

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, April 13,  2020  9:11am EST

    Thank you so much for sharing what you have been through, and it certainly has been a lot! I can share the resources we have on high blood pressure with you.  They are extensive and should help with condition management. I also have a very special favor. We have a long term SN member whose son is battling COVID19 now. Would you please drop her a note of support and encouragement? Here is the post Son living here has COVID19 Symptoms and I am sure she could use a kind word of support from a COVID19 survivor. 

    I am also willing to bet our Communications Team would love to talk with you as well. If you are willing, please email me at and I can put you in touch. 

    Please know that we are so glad you are here and willing to share with us. 

    Best Katie

  • BringItDown
    BringItDown, May 20,  2020  7:49pm EST


    Thank you for your kind words.

    I had written my original post after the FIRST bout with the coronavirus.  I had two more bouts with it and two "heart attacks" (not sure--never had one before).  I did inform my doctor of these experiences, the ACE inhibitors I took to control blood pressure and breathing techniques I performed to maintain oxygen levels--stay calm.  Funny, while suffering through the conronavirus, I exercised (jogged or biked) every day--sometimes twice a day.

    I have a "new" body normal due to after effects of having the virus; a PRO/CON situation.  One CON I notced is that I am slight astmatic now.  While jogging, I noticed I was straining to breath at times or feeling lightheaded.  An x-ray of my chest showed a small ball of "fullness" in my right lung.  Not sure what it means, but I have never been asthmatic in my life.  Another CON is I seem to be susceptible to strokes.  Occasionally, I have differences of 15-25 points between the BP of my right side compared to my left.  When this happens, I use my ACE inhibitor to maintain balance, but the cause maybe the right lung fullness.  Getting a catscan to confirm.  The PRO is my blood pressure is averaging normal (around 120-130/80) or below most days.  There are periods that my BP ventures into hypertension territory, but they are rare.  However, today I just went for a 12.5 mile bike ride with speeds up to 25mph.  My BP afterwards averaged 102/64.  The lowest BP I records was 71/58 after a protest walk/jog.  Shocking numbers compared to the high point during my coronavirus bouts--211/131.

    I am experimenting with natural supplements, exercise and breathing techniques to keep my numbers steady.  Although I am keeping my doctor informed, I am not waiting for him to hand me a solution--I am trying to find one on my own.  I realize there is a correlation between the heart and kidneys, so I am monitoring my daily fluid intake.  There is also a correlation between the heart, lungs and exercise, so I am monitoring BP like hawk.  My coronavirus experience may have exposed artery blockage, so I am going to focus on lower chloresterol intake/clearing blockages.  It's a lot of work, but it's what I need to do to get ready to work again.

    I admit I am a little crazy to be doing what it is that I am doing.  However, I am still here.  With no health insurance, I survived COVID-19.  I exercise and eat home cooked meals.  I listen to my body and act appropriately.

    Fortune favors the bold...and sometimes the foolish.

  • Wardjimmy44
    Wardjimmy44, May 25,  2020  2:04am EST

    Wow Thank you Jesus Bro I've been waiting to hear from you Sir. I don't know you but I need help on how to approach this thing. I'M lost I am in the same situation and don't know where to start. I want to get ready for this journey I'm taking meds larsatan 100 mg should i stop or get a lower dosage my BP was 167/90 I'm trying to get it down. I'm starting to exercise. But what do i really need to focus on. I may have stage 1 kidney issues but I'm 48 and 150lbs. I drink alcohol but i have stop because of the virus. I think really my HBP was because of the alcohol. When I'm not drinking it goes down a lot like 123/89 but still its hypertension from stress and sodium. But thank you bro for sharing your story your Gof Send and Congratulations.

  • BringItDown
    BringItDown, May 26,  2020  4:19pm EST


    123/89 is a great!  If that's just a low end number, and 167/90 is the high end, atleast you have a ballpark range to work within.  To maintain that number, you may need a lifestyle change or revised diet....but do what you need to do.

    I am experiencing a weird after effect of the virus.  My BP is on average is....average...for now.  Apparently, the build up of a small ball of "fullness" (doctor's wording) on an X-Ray is probably mucus.  That mucus is keeping my BP down.  Before April 2020, my BP average was probably 150/94, +/- 25 points.  Now, the average range is anywhere from 71/58 (after a workout) to 158/90--but mostly I am in the 100-125/78 range--below normal to normal.

    I just started using nitric oxide (half dose).  Adjusting diet to eliminate a lot of sodium and eating more home cooked meals, more salads.  The results are promising.  I still have to work on lowering my fluid intake (too high for now), and that takes will power.  After battling the coronavirus, I think I still have some will power to spare.

    Hope that helps!


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