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slholland6, November 16,  2020  8:52am EST

New to group

Hello i found this group while researching hbp. I am 42 i was diagnosed with postpartum hypertension after having my son premature at 31 weeks.  I have been taking medication for 16 months which for the most part has controlled it.  I have really bad anxiety that effects bp readings at times.  I have loss 40lbs so far i have 30lbs more to get to my Bmi.  I have started to increase my workout and cardio in June and i eat a  Mediterranean diet.  I have noticed that before my period or even during my bp is elevated and i even have really high spikes. I dont understand this at all. Im currently taking Nifedine 60mg and Losartan\Htcz 50mg.  It really worries me because im so scared of these spikes. I can feel when they are coming on i get irritated and then i get a hot rush go to check and my pressure is so high.  Times when this happens i get so defeated its depressing.  I feel how can i care for my family and function this way. It has caused me to become stressed out and constantly worried about my bp. Some days i have checked it over 40 times.  I started taking Prozac this week for anxiety and depression. Any suggestions to how to cope and not let this destroy my live. I have a husband and 4 kids i want to live a long life having this stolen my joy of living. I cant even enjoy anything because im so worried about my bp.  God Bless 

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, November 17,  2020  9:49am EST

    I am so sorry that this is happening to you. I am reaching out to our science department to see if we have any studies or information on the correlation between blood pressure and ************. To level-set expectations, most of the AHA science department is working on our Annual Scientific Sessions online conference. So, it might be a few days before I get a response. But as soon as I do, I will post back to you. 

    What has your doctor said about the spikes? 

    Thanks, Katie

  • TaylorBowen
    TaylorBowen, November 28,  2020  4:47am EST

    High Blood Pressure is most of the time caused by higher stress levels. You need to relax more and do some papernow review and get to the root of your stress. The more you stay away from work and other things that put a strain on your mind the better for you for now.

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