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KellyHartley, February 3,  2021  10:05pm EST

New to Forum - When do you see a Cardiologist

I have been working with my GP for a few years trying to get my BP leveled out.  Reading are chaotic.  No patterns.  We are constantly changing Bystolic doses.  After chasing some odd bloodwork for about 6mos in 2019, I was referred to an Endocrinologist. In April of 2020 was a diagnosis of hyponatremia, in which my body is not retaining salt.  Kidney's are fine.  Solution is to increase salt intake and restrict fluids.  This has thrown my BP into even more chaos.  

Morning readings consistently below 100/60.  End of day readings will be good for up to 3days in a row, then I'm back to mid 150/90 or higher.  I'm 56, underweight, and walk at least 2 miles a day.  Is a Cardiologist the next step?  Is there another type of specialist I should see?


2 Replies
  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, February 4,  2021  8:52am EST

    Good morning,

    Thank you for joining the support network and sharing your story. Unfortunately, I'm not a medical professional, so I recommend raising these concerns with your current doctors to get their advice. And as you hear from others on the support network I can also share some High Blood Pressure resources for you to check out. Please keep us updated on how you're doing!


    The AHA Team

  • Jeaniemarie
    Jeaniemarie, February 9,  2021  11:06pm EST

    You are having the same symptoms I am having.  My blood pressure has gotten as high as 190/97.  I'm beside myself because my blood pressure does not go up every day. 

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