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Jaykum, November 5,  2020  11:11pm EST

Medications for High Blood Pressure


I am 66 year old women. I have high diabeties and blood pressure. I dont have any issue with cholestrol. I have been suffering from high blood pressure since 2003 and diabetes from 2008. I think i might have got diabetes from BP medication. I am taking atenolol since 2003 based on my doctor prescrition. Now, whenever i try to do dieting and if my blood sugar goes low, i get high BP inspite of taking medications. So, i am thinking to change the blood pressure medication as i feel that it is making my diabetes condition worse. Does anyone have any suggestion on better medication to treat high BP?

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  • AHAKellie
    AHAKellie, November 6,  2020  8:51am EST

    Good morning, I can imagine this must be very frustrating for you; however, questions this specific should be put to your medical provider. Please let us know what your doctor says and how you are feeling. 


  • arogya
    arogya, November 21,  2020  12:02pm EST

    Hi there. 

    The class of medication you are on is called beta blocker and is known to trigger diabetes, so your thinking could be right. Beta blockers, unless absolutely needed, is not recommended to be used as a first line of treatment. Better alternatives exist like Amlodipine, or Olmesartan. Check with your doc if he can put you on either one or both of those two drugs.Some lifestyle changes like exercise, raw veggies, less carbs & more proteins would go a long way in getting your BP and diabetes under control.


    Good luck ! 


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