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idahoo, August 4,  2019  6:03pm EST

Lots of new diagnoses

I'm a 75-year old woman, overweight, with long-term controlled HBP (using Candasartan 16mg).  This spring I asked my primary care doc about a slowly increasing amount of breathlessness.  To make a long story short, various tests have revealed left bundle branch blockage, heart murmur, and coronary artery disease. The cardiologist says that there is no need at this time for a stent, no urgency about the lbbb or heart murmur and he doubled the candasartan and added Crestor (20mg) and I don't need to see him for six months.  That's good news, I guess!  I'm still breathless and suddenly feeling older and more tired and worried about the future.  Thoughts?  Thanks!

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  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, August 5,  2019  2:01am EST

    I hope the best.  The only advice I might give is diet and exercise, checked with your physicians, but also keeping your doctors informed.  I've always exercised and noticed when I dropped my routines, with time, I'm struggling, more so after the heart attack.  I've noticed this with friends too.  I would suggest do what you can on your part, then let the doctors do their part.  God blesd. 😇🤗

  • Carltavares
    Carltavares, October 11,  2019  5:23am EST

    What are the signs of dementia?

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