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spice, September 29,  2019  8:36am EST

Is this lowering of presure realistic?



I am new to this forum and I was hoping some of you could lend your expertise, live in the UK and two weeks ago I was ina show in London after a stressful 1Hr 50Min drive throguuh the worlds busiest city (does my head in) and after many 45 minutes having left the car and walking around an exhibition I had a go on one of their blood pressure machines out of curiosity.


The result was 180/110 which unbeknownst to me was go to hospital territory. I was wearing a shirt pulled up so maybe that would have affected it.


Q1.This poses my first questin to those on here, is it realistigc stressful driving could have raised it that high based on the below information?


A few days later then having driving maybe 10 minutes from work on a Tuesday evening had a 150/105 or so reading from a trained pharmacist.

I then went to the Drs the next day and having sat in their wating room 20 minutes had a reading of 150/102.


I have since bought my own A&D blood pressure measuring device on Amazon for a groovy £15, anyway, I have had a zero fat died since the exhibitoin visit 2 weeks ago and have been measuring myself twice a day since Wednesday when it arrived, these are my results, from what  I can see the Dia pressure is steadily going down however the Sys one not so much so.


Q2. Are these results telling me the fat free diet is working? Does cuting fat out of your diet really work that fast to benefit the pressure readings?? My BMI was good and I am not overweight though I ate a lot of junk food this last year and alcohol. I have as I say cut nearly all fat out (except alcohol but am working on that) and have been eating plant sterols foods instead.

Thanks in advance!


Date    Time    Sys        Dia
Wed   18.17    158    105
Thu   06:45    131    102
Thu   18.34    140    102
Fri      06.50    139    98
Fri      18.26    164    99
Fri      19.08    129    95
Sat     08.00    140    97
Sat        16.00    133    92
Sun    07.20    136    91

  • spice
    spice, September 30,  2019  2:02am EST



    This morning I have a reading of 121/86 which is good, but I'm curious about the lack of response from others in the forum,


    I presume that's because for many here the pressure went up and stayed up but I would have thought some people here might have been told what the ideal rate of decline would be? 

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, September 30,  2019  9:29am EST

    Good morning,  thank you so much for sharing this. I do apologize for the lack of response. There are many of us who are able to manage our blood pressure and keep it down. I can share the information we have on managing high blood pressure with you. Good job on getting your BP to lower! Best Katie

  • arogya
    arogya, September 30,  2019  9:43am EST

    Just as there is no ideal pressure  ( yes, 120/80 is a theoretical statistical average), there is no ideal rate of decline. A fast decline means that there is some change ( addition or removal of something) that was like a key opening a lock! It could be popping a magnesium tablet, or increasing potassium, or stopping caffeine, or exercising. One of those things caused high blood pressure and correcting that can reduce  blood pressure very quickly. Remember though that the body has a very resilient feedback system so over time, it begins to adapt to new change.  When I popped vitamin-d3, my bp dropped from 170 sys to 130 in just 3 days!! But my joy was shortlived as over next few weeks it slowly clawed its way back up. My blood work showed I was deficient in VitD, so this supplement was very effective in my case. Your current 136/91 seems a lot better than the initial 180/110 for sure, but its better that the measurement be taken multiple times in a day, not just twice. One measurement after exercise/walk/workout is good to get as a baseline for how hard your heart works after stress, this will be high but that is expected. 

    Cutting out fat is very dangerous, so be sure you're doing this under supervision.  Fat is needed by the body - all hormones that our body makes use fat and many vitamins need fat for absorption. Consult a nutritionist for advice before self-hacking! Plant based fats is supposed to be better than animal based fats, per vegans.

    Coming to your q1: driving for 2 hours can increase bp, but by how much is something no one can answer. Your high reading just indicates that the "base" might be certainly in range of 140-150, to enable it to go to 180. My doc once said that plain white coat syndrome can raise by 30 points in systolic, so getting 40 points up due to driving may be possible. But key point here is, there is tendency to go high and needs attention. 

  • spice
    spice, September 30,  2019  1:25pm EST

    Hi thanks for the response. 


    This morning I was impressed to see 120/86 however upon returning from work it read 147/98

  • Myrna
    Myrna, September 30,  2019  2:17pm EST

    I'd talk to your dr about this, if it can go that high under stress that's not healthy. if you take this info to your dr he/she can advise you, sometimes high blood pressure just runs in families or you may have it for whatever reason. Nobody wants a stroke or heart attack or afib years down the road, good luck.

  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, September 30,  2019  5:27pm EST

    Not exactly an expert on this but I agree that a conversation with your doctor is in order. It's always a good thing to know precisely what's going on with your body. The things I do know that can help reduce blood pressure are meds, reduction of stress and exercise. I'm sure a low salt diet can help as well. Personally I'm a big fan of exercise. Have been for years and I've rarely had a high BP problem. If you go that route, you should also consult with a physician first.

    Good luck!


  • AmbassadorB
    AmbassadorB, September 30,  2019  8:38pm EST


    Absolutely!    See your Primary Doctor.   Do it soon!     I had high blood pressure - for decades!    So what?    So, I was given medication to keep it under control,. years ago, and didn't give it a second thought.   It worked.  (Sort of.  I'm still here.) Now that I am a senior - in his late 80's, I appreciate that a much stronger heart health "awareness" and intelligent care would have been a much smarter approach for me.    During the last 15 years, I have had three major heart surgeries, including a new Aortic Heart Valve.  Thank the Lord that medical science has created remarkable procedures and answers for folks like me.   But, most important, there is today,  the experience and knowledge to minimize the damage that high blood pressure creates.   Not only, is what and how much you eat important, but the right exercise and other major factors are equally critical to a good quality of life!     Your doctor should know of your recent experiences and take appropriate action to keep you well.   That may be as simple as - watch your diet, get a little more exercise, and see me again in six weeks.    

    Be smart!    Be on a Healthy Heart Program !

    Ambassador B   (Bernie)

  • spice
    spice, October 1,  2019  1:59am EST

    Hi well you was booked for the Dr Wednesday night I was just trying to get some info on the topic to help ease my nerves however today it seems higher at 140/101 at the morning. Does diet affect pressure on a daily basis eg if you are a handful of peanuts then some bombay mix would that affect your blood pressure in the coming days? I just wonder why the dia was slowly going down then after Monday morning it was low just to go up again last night and this morning?? 

  • AmbassadorC
    AmbassadorC, October 1,  2019  8:00am EST


    Good morning and welcome to the support network. Having a father that has battled high blood pressure his entire life, what I can tell you is that while your diet plays a huge part, (ie processed foods w high sodium content verses fresh fruits and vegetables, foods lower in salt) it is not the only factor. Exercising, limiting alcohol and no tobacco and STRESS also play a huge part. Given that you bp at one point was hospital worthy, I would convey to your doctor that you need to see him/her ASAP. The fact that you keep vasilating with numbers could also be because you are aware of your numbers and that can be contributing to the increased pressures. It’s best to be safe and get checked out by a doctor and at the very least, get a conversation going about an action plan moving forward. I feel this would alleviate your concern and fear of the unknown. You don’t want to regret not starting these conversations early on before the on set of heart disease. 

    With heart, 

    Ambassador C

  • AmbassadorC
    AmbassadorC, October 1,  2019  8:06am EST


    Below is another link that might be resourceful re the managing of HBP as well as how diet, exercise and stress can all affect HBP. 

    Life Simple 7 info

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