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lcamfio, April 3,  2020  9:56pm EST

Hypertension and Covid19

Good evening everyone,


I am new to this and enrolled because of my anxiety about having hypertension while Covid 19 is endangering so many and apparently killing people with hypertension.  Now I read they are testing Losartan as a possible treatment! Last week it was a possible contributor (like Lisinopril) to worse outcomes. I don't have any symptoms and do not feel sick nor is anyone sick in my immediate family who I live with. My blood pressure is stable with Amlodipine but I do have Losartan in my cupboard and wonder if I should take that instead? I have a telehealth appointment with my GP to discuss on Monday. I know he doesn't have the answers either, but the more people I can discuss it with the better for my anxiety. I am 56 and live in Los Angeles. I have been on BP medication for 4 years.  Have a good night!

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  • Sam0126
    Sam0126, May 11,  2020  7:34pm EST

    Hi, I was on losantan for a year, I read online that losartan will only effect the top number diastolic I guess and doesn't effect much on the systolic number. Also I spoke to my doctor for an alternative if I need since we are planning to have kids he suggested amaldopin. It was my first day. Went well. I read amaldopin covers 24 hrs but not losartan. Both have few cons but have to wait and see. 

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