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jill123, November 29,  2020  5:50pm EST

HBP medications not working

I'm new to HBP medication with very high HBP 170/106 meds have not worked at all.  On Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg. Started on 25mg of Amlodipine and now at 10MG over the period now of 2 months. All other tests are fine so far, no medical issues. 50 pounds over weight, 60 years old. Walk a mile+ everyday and very energetic.  Had 20 years of major stress jobs, very little stress now for over 1 year. Not sure what to do, going back to Dr. this week but am not feeling optimistic of what the next steps are.  Family history of HBP everyone who went on meds are now doing great.

Anyone else have this issue of stubborn HP

Thank you

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, November 30,  2020  9:31am EST

    I am so sorry that the medications do not appear to be working. I can share what we have on managing high blood pressure and on creating a healthy lifestyle. Please talk to your doctor about how medication and lifestyle can work together to help lower your blood pressure. Best wishes for a successful visit this week. Best Katie

  • Snowball88
    Snowball88, December 5,  2020  5:07pm EST

    I am sorry to hear about your condition. First of all, what is your blood pressure before starting your blood pressure medication?

    Did you do other test like kidney scan, brain scan or blood test on your cortisel. catholamines, etc which includes 24 hours urine test and blood test, did you sleep well

    Sleep apnea would also be a reason for high blood pressrue and sounds you are over weight...It is important to find the causes of hypertension then to simply increase the dose of medication...

    Did you measure your blood pressure at home and is there any differences with your readings in doctor's office?

    Lastly, I am jjust giving suggestion and I  not a medical professional . Of course , you should seek your doctors or specialists for further advice

    Of course, you should seek medication advice 

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