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Waxgirl, January 30,  2019  5:38pm EST

High blood pressure during PMS

Hello, I've read that some women have extremely high blood pressure during PMS, and no one knows why. They say it may simply be because of emotional changes that occur during PMS, but that doesn't sound right to me. For the past year I have been seeing that my blood pressure is very high the week before my period. I've been working very hard on my blood pressure and have had some good results. Just recently in the month of January I went for my yearly physical and my doctor said my blood pressure was lower than it's ever been. The following week I went for my yearly gyno and my blood pressure was even lower. The following week, which is this week, which is the week before my period, I went for a different doctor's appointment and my blood pressure was very high. I could tell when I woke up that I was hypertensive. I felt charged and irritated and like I wanted to start a fight with someone. I don't think going off birth control is the answer because when I'm not on birth control I feel even MORE charged like I want to jump out of my skin or do something crazy but nothing specific. I can't see how going off birth control would lower my blood pressure the week before my period. Is there something I should be taking extra of to offset the hormones during this time? Or is there something I can be doing to regulate my blood pressure for all four weeks of my cycle? Are some women just prone to complications from hormone changes with no real solution for these problems?

  • Myrna
    Myrna, January 30,  2019  7:38pm EST

    Could it be fluid or sodium retention due to hormones? Are you taking certain foods or herbal products, like soy sauce, licorice or too much sodium/salt in your diet that might increase your blood pressure? PMS? from hormones?  Best talk to your dr and to figure it out, good luck.

  • Waxgirl
    Waxgirl, January 30,  2019  8:11pm EST

    That's an interesting idea. I will definitely look into that. Thanks!!!

  • venus44
    venus44, January 30,  2019  8:34pm EST

    Hi there, I have the same problem as you! My BP gets sky high the week before and during my period. Ever since then, I have had the white coat syndrome only bcs i get anxiety when bp is taken at the doctors or even when i do it myself at home. That cuff scares the heck out me! I'm so sure it has to be our raging hormones that we have to deal with every month. Have you heard of Hormonal Therapy? I am planning on getting my hormones checked to see if they can somehow balance it out. Btw, I'mm 44 years and I've been dealing with this for the last 5 years. 

  • Myrna
    Myrna, January 30,  2019  11:50pm EST

    44? perimenopause ? Good idea to get your hormones checked. I have high blood pressure and had my health and life ruined by a dr that didn't take medical histories or do proper referrals etc...but tried to pass off high blood pressure, asthma, paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, dehydration, electrolyte problems etc as white coat hypertension but then that's my situation.Hypertension is hypertension and it's dangerous to ignore it. What other people's medical is , I don't know

    Stress makes it worse, salt over load,low minerals, vitamins, iron ,anemia ,low electrolytes caused by dieting, dehydration etc causes a lot of health problems.

    Hope you can get it sorted out, good luck.

  • yarn007
    yarn007, January 31,  2019  5:41am EST

    Very interesting question.   Never really thought about all the crazy PMS and the effects on blood pressure.   Certainly would make sense it would do up.   Interesting.   My husband has a wicked case of White Coat hypertension.   

  • Waxgirl
    Waxgirl, January 31,  2019  12:04pm EST

    Myrna - 

    I definitely have fluid retention. It's one of the last things I notice, but it could be an important contributing factor. The week before my period I always run into several problems trying to eat and drink as I do the rest of the month. I will try to find out more about sodium retention. Thanks again!

  • Waxgirl
    Waxgirl, January 31,  2019  12:15pm EST

    Venus - 

    Thanks for the info! I don't know much about hormone therapy and would be interested to hear about it after you try it. I have been trying to think through this problem. I have been taking D3 with the intention of increasing my testosterone after supposing that my testosterone is dropping as I get older. I told the doctor I was taking 1000, but I made a mistake, I'm actually taking 5000. She checked my levels to make sure I'm not taking too much and it came back ok. Interesting that it came back normal on 5000, when no one ever told me it was low. Anyway, the D3 has helped greatly reduce my rosacea flare ups during PMS. I'm very happy about this, because otherwise the dermatologist would treat it with antibiotics. I find the lack of thoughful medical advice very frustrating. Also, I was researching fluid retention and happened to find that melatonin helps protect against estrogen dominance. I've never taken melatonin. Can't wait to look into this to find out about dosing, etc.

  • Waxgirl
    Waxgirl, January 31,  2019  12:44pm EST

    Forgot to mention that I'm on the birth control that has the highest dose of hormones during week 3, so since I kind of know what the estrogen and progesterone are doing, I was supposing testosterone to be the wild card hormone.

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, February 4,  2019  9:40am EST

    This is a great discussion and one that has not happened on the site that I can remember. I am sharing the information we have on High Blood Pressure and I did find this article Changes in Blood Pressure during the normal Menstrual Cycle.I  am also going to ask our science team as well because now I am curious too. A lot of our folks are at the International Stroke Conference, so it might be a day or two before I have some info, but I will respond back when I hear something. Thanks, Katie 

  • MsChar
    MsChar, May 9,  2019  9:28am EST

    This is an absolute real thing. I started noticing the change in my BP during my menstual cycle within the past year. My primary suggested I see my OB/GYN for hormone treatment and I’m awaiting my next appointment in June. I’ve only been on BP meds for about 6 months now and it’s fustrating when I have increases beyond my control. I’m trying to cut out alcohol, coffee and any foods I believe elevate my BP during my cycle . I’ve even increased my water intake.

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