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carlyK, April 8,  2021  1:04pm EST

Hbp meds

Hi everyone, I've know I have stage 2 hypertension and have had it since my early 20's. I was on meds for it for about 5 years and was seeing a cardiologist along with a GP and they tried many different combos of meds, but my bp never budged, all that happened is I swelled up like a water balloon, which in turn made me unable to move properly, wear shoes, and even go to work for a while. It was so bad I literally lost my house due to blood pressure meds..😢

So a few days ago I wasn't feeling well and my bp was in the 190/130 range. Most of my friends in the medical field laughed at me and said I'd be dead if it were really that high and figured my cuff was faulty or something, but they all told me if I think the reading is correct I should get to the ER. I went and turns out my cuff was reading low 😳. They gave me some IV bp med and my bp went UP! To 255/148. A few hours later they gave me another dose, but doubled it. My bp got down to 177/101 and as soon as they saw a reading out of the crisis zone they discharged me with a script for 25mg of losartan once a day. So far no bloating but my bp is still in my personal normal range of around 160/100. The pic is from just now after laying in bed for the last hour. 

So my question is, should I bother seeing a doctor? I don't have insurance and I don't have the time, money, or patience to **** around cash paying for frequent visits and meds that don't work. If I do find a reasonably priced doctor, how can I convey my previous past bad experiences with bp meds? Any thoughts on a med that might be right for me? 

I'll be 44 this Saturday, amab transfeminine I do smoke cigarettes and enjoy some alcoholic beverages on occasion, exercise, and other than asthma and hbp I have no other medical issues. All my labs and tests from a few days ago came back squeaky clean other than wheezing and the hbp. I eat healthy and never add salt to my food. I'm 5' 10 about 180lbs. 

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, April 8,  2021  5:14pm EST

    Hello there, 

    Thank you for joining the Support Network and sharing your experience. We are so sorry you have been going through this but hope you can find a sense of community, support, and advice that you are looking for here. Unfortunately, I'm not a medical professional, so I do recommend seeing your doctor for advice. But as you wait for others to respond, here are some resources on High Blood Pressure that you can review. 

    Please keep us updated on how you are doing!

    Best wishes, 

    AHA Moderator 

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