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annas, October 12,  2019  7:18am EST

HBP from insomnia-- anyone else?

I'm 29 and I've had insomnia for the past 4 years. I'm trying to control it but it keeps getting the better of me. When I'm in episodes of bad insomnia, I always have high blood pressure readings. I've been going through a 2-month period of insomnia and taking my BP every morning. It is always around 130/90 in the morning, up a little higher in the afternoon. (I'm recording it all for my doctor, who I see again in 2 months). Before having insomnia, I never had HBP at all, and no one in my family has it. It is so frustrating to feel like something is wrong with my body, at such a young age. I keep wondering about long-term medication management. I went through a period of depression about it which I am trying to pull myself out of. I'm sure everyone here can relate. 

Oh, and my diet is fairly healthy, but I'm cutting out as much sodium as I can. It's amazing how much sodium there is in food when you start looking at labels, even if you think you eat healthy. I also work out fairly often although I'm going to try to do it more. 

Does anyone else have this same problem? The other thing is my pulse is often really high. 

Oh, and I was perscribed 40mg Propranolol (a beta-blocker) to take at night. Doctor said it might go up to 60 mg. One day I took my BP after taking only 20 mg of Propranolol in the morning (just to see what would happen) and it went down to 125/82 and normal pulse. So for the past few days I've been taking 40mg at night, but in the morning it's already worn off and the BP is up to 130/90 again (although pulse is still normal). So it'll still be high throughout the day, even though it's much lower at night... so how does that work? I guess I'll ask the doctor when I see her. 

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  • arogya
    arogya, October 12,  2019  8:36am EST

    Hi annas. 

    First thing you can do is to believe that "long term medication management" really should mean, "no medication". Its really possible!  Docs are trained to treat symptoms and get the "numbers" down, but not really heal the underlying cause. We get to the point of needing medication because we haven't been doing somethings right, or, are not doing somethings we ought to be doing. Best way to defeat HBP is via right foods, exercise, sleep. A combination of regular physical exercise, breathing exercise, right foods for HBP and maybe supplements is all one needs to get rid of medications. I speak from experience ( reduced my meds greatly and will get rid of them in some time!)  & there are others on this forum who have also gone "natural" and thus avoid the inevitable side effects of hbp meds. Let us know if you'd like to hear more. Btw, how has been your blood work? Any red flags?




  • annas
    annas, October 12,  2019  10:56am EST

    Thanks for the response! No, my blood work is normal. I know my sleep will probably right itself sooner or later, it's just hard to be patient. It's also frustrating becuase I could be doing everything right sleepwise and STILL not be able to sleep, so... it's not entirely under my control. It's nice to know there are effective BP medications in case it comes to that. Thanks for your thoughtful reply. 

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