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ali215195, December 14,  2020  12:14am EST

Great the CT Angiogram has showed up as okay but now its making me anxious that something is being missed. Any ideas ?

For sometime I have experianced breathlessness anlong with  constant fatige and then pains that would radiateto my jaw and pain in my nack and my left  meco atery (carotid) also feeling  tender  in places for sometime  also where that artery will meet at the centre of collar **** hurts after walking and I dont have to walk far for thatto happen I am 47 this is not something new but has gotten progessively worse I have a whole range of symtoms which may or may  not be conntected/exacerbated by this or vice versa my breatng got so bad just doing the washng up was a task and of course this led to depression and then anxieties which led to insomia I had to give up work because I was also stff 

i got to see a cardiologist some six months later which led to a years waiting list for a ct scan durting lockdown i develped dreadful headaches a friend gifted me a bp moniter because I could not get out to doc Everything but "emergency" was done on the phone and they were not keen to have anyone in the hospitals  this is when I found my bp was 215 over 195 that was the highest but it was contantly above the 180 over 100 mark I got put on 5 mg of amlodipine which did nothing to lower it and was quickly moved up to 10 mg of amlodipine and 2.5 mg of ramipril which bought it down slighting but was stlll sliding into crisis numbers but the average was 167 over 90 I was upped again to 5 mg of ramiprul  which helped lower the top number to average between 157 and now and again I get a 137 which is better but my lower number is not buging doc last recorded it as 97  and its  between  90 and sometimes still hits over the 100 mark at home and at rest I also get pain in my toed and hands 

My breathing was so bad that at night I would hear wheezing and crakling in my lungs of fluid all the time and the bp meds have certainly helped calm that down I get the occasional wheeze but dont feel like I am downing when I lay down now  I was worried that this might mean I have pulmonary hypertension  I am still none the wiser and am not sure if they can or were looking for that. 

I had a ct angio  come back I have not spoken to the cardiologist but the gp said it come back clear I am not sure what that even means  any more futher than I do not have CAD or heart failure ? 

Problem is thogh there is somethng deeply wrong and while I am relived they have not found this I am now anxious they will not bother to find out what is wrong something is wrong and I do not know what it could be.. when i said to the GP well then what can explain all this she said I dont know.. I think she was in a rush at the time she upped my ramipril to 7.5  prescribed me my angina meds etc  but it kinda leaves me feeling very anxious that they have given up looking already what else should they be doing now any ideas ? 


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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, December 15,  2020  10:37am EST

    I'm sorry that you're going through this, this definitely sounds like a very stressful experience. 

    I can share some resources on high blood pressure for you to read, but I do recommend seeing your doctor again and raising these concerns with them so they can figure out what the best next steps are for treatment.

    The AHA Team

  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, December 27,  2020  8:44am EST

    Perhaps anxiety is playing a role in your symptoms. I do agree that seeing your doctor again is a good idea. If you really aren't satisfied with what they are telling you or don't feel as though your diagnosis was thorough, don't hesitate to get a second opinion. 


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