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Laurarupe65, September 25,  2019  1:55pm EST

Continuously high blood pressure for along time

I'm 54 have had high blood pressure 20 + years .instead of fixing problem Dr adds more meds is that normal..I currently take 1 Lisinopril 40 myg.. amlodaine 10 mg.. clonidine 0.2 x 2 day... Metropol 50 my x three a bp averages 176/109 for along time is this normal..what can I do to reduce it rather then getting so mAny any meds 

4 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, September 26,  2019  10:59am EST

    I am so sorry that you have to manage this, however, we have great resources to help you. I am sharing our Managing your Blood Pressure web section to help you get started. Please let me know if this is helpful at all. Best Katie

  • arogya
    arogya, September 27,  2019  1:30am EST

    Hi Laura, 

    First off, don;t worry, all of us on this forum have bad numbers and many of us are able to get much better over time and you can too! 176/109 is not normal, so you will need a plan to get it down. My own numbers were much worse and its much better  now after some lifestyle changes, so tell us what changes have you made so far in your lifestyle? When you say 176/109, what time of the day do you take this reading? Have you measured multiple times in a day and this is the average per day, or this is a typical number you see over many months but measured once a day at the same time? 

  • EMON1
    EMON1, September 28,  2019  2:40pm EST

    Not sure how they would 'fix the problem'. High BP is usually a chronic 'condition'. That said, maybe a second opinion and a nutritionist might be useful. (I'm trusting other contributing medical conditions have been ruled out)

  • anna76
    anna76, October 7,  2019  7:26pm EST

    Hi.  I have been mia for a while due to my new doctor reading my charts and giving me great advice.

    My fisrt time in the hospital, and a stay was due to HBP!   I have left the hospital and took action, a few setbacks, yes. BP up higher than it should be and super low where I could fall sleep.   Today I am happy to say I have been working hard with my diet!  I only treat myself once monthly to Mexican food with NO salt!  Really.  I am vegetarian, and walk my treadmill daily.  I now do this walking three different times 15 minutes each!  I am lifting light weights, and getting some sun on my feet daily.   I had blood work done recently and am now low on Vitamin D. I have skin cancer so just my feet.  

    Also, state of mind means the world.  I live with an ex who is Bipolar.  Just got the diagnoses.  Tough to live with!!!!

    Below helps me:

    Stress, Man made foods, sitting for long periods, taking on too much in life, junk foods (that's a biggie) Drink lots of water...this thins the blood!   Any tylenol, or Nyquil etc.NO.  Ask your pharmacist about any over the counter meds.  They know!  Toxic people.  Toxic job...not worth your life!  And there is so much more.

    Have a spa day.   Warm bath in magnesium (epsom salts)  Coconut oil the hair and shampoo it out.  Take it easy, watch TV in bed!  Comedy shows!

    Most of all learn to BREATH! DEEP BREATH!!!  Youtube has slow breathing exercises to learn, they work!   And oh, learn when to say NO!

    I have not been a patient for a year with HBP, but my goal is to get off my two meds.  I have cut my nighlty med. (Doc. says okay) before bed.   These drugs my doctor said stay in our system 24 hours!  A nighlty BP med. is so important because most wake up with their BP high!  I never understood that, now I know.

    I have learned that with many many people STRESS (not Genes) is the problem, yes stress!   You can do this, talk with the pharmacist they are great!  Your doctor prescribes, your pharmacist knows the drugs.

    And also I learned I can self talk my BP up!  I am now a student of learning to talk it back down, daily!  I have been doing good.   You can too.

    Have tests done, any blockage/s?   Stress?   Diet bad?    I refuse sodas, and salt.  Any junk food has to go!   50% is the drug/s, the other 50 % is US!


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